SyncUp Map only shows original location



    New SyncUp user.

    Device was professionally installed by a T-Mobile store employee.


    I followed the user manual instructions and initiated the requirement to drive around for 10 minutes.

    I entered the vehicles VIN number, tag number and miles according to the applications instructions.

    Map only shows that the vehicle is parked at the origin location, even after an hour of driving around.

    Scrolling down on the map page, the 3rd item reads, "Awaiting Your First Trip"  Tapping on that does nothing.


    How do I get it to track vehicle on a map, and how do I resolve the "Awaiting Your First Trip" condition,

    or do I need to get a warranty repair or replacement?


    Thanks much

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      • Is the Sim correctly installed?

        • adonsa

          Re: SyncUp Map only shows original location

          The SIM card was correctly installed by a T-Mobile store employee.  I checked it, and it's correctly installed.

          Problem persists.  The map continues to show only the original location, no matter how long or how far I drive.

          The awaiting first trip condition also continues to persist.

          • It's possible you got either a bad unit or SIM perhaps. Maybe the store can try a new pair.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: SyncUp Map only shows original location

              Hey there! We can get this fixed. We will need to take a closer look at your account to make sure everything is in order. Please Contact Us when you have a spare moment.

              • adonsa

                Re: SyncUp Map only shows original location

                Hi tmo_Chris and snn_555,


                The problem finally resolved on it's own, it took about a week and several hours of driving around for it to show other than the original location.  On the advice of a T-mobile employee I uninstalled it, and will re-install it and give it about a week to begin working. 


                I was going to post a query about the loud, annoying audible notification, which sounds like a man doing a "wolf whistle" to a woman. This sound was frequent and I seem to have stopped it (I hope) by going to the applications from within the IOS settings - Syncup Drive, Sounds switched to OFF.  Switching off all notifications in the app itself, does no good to stop this whistle sound.


                I don't need to be out in public, and the loud "wolf whistle" sound causes nearby women to think I'm whistling at them.   Not good.


                If there is ever a way to change the sound from the loud, obnoxious "wolf whistle," to something else, then I'll switch sounds back on.

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: SyncUp Map only shows original location

                    Glad to hear that your location info is now updating! Although, is should not have taken a week for that As for the notification sounds, I totally get how annoying that whistle can be, especially if I have my stereo volume up jamming to some sweet tunes. It can be ear piercing... As of now, there is no way to change the specific tone that it makes but I will be sure to pass along your feedback. Thanks again for the update on the situation.