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Apple Watch series 3 ship date


    I pre ordered on 9/15.  Rep on phone quoted estimated shipping 9/25 to first week of October.  I see now estimated shipping is 10/30-11/7?  Is this correct?

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      • pdog

        1. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

        I ordered on 9/16 and have same shipping estimate of 10/30-11/10.  I am not sure if any stores will carry the LTE version or not.  I thought I read that all stores will only have the NON-LTE versions.  Hope I'm wrong. 

        • magenta2686990

          2. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

          I am having the same

          issue the rep told me I would receive mine on launch day via over night shipping now the ship dates are changed pretty disappointing.

          • aria27

            3. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

            Same here!


            I'm so annoyed I should have just ordered direct from apple instead of wasting my time with TMOBILE. I was also quoted this week as shipping and then later I looked and it was marked as over a month from now. How?? Was their shipping date just a fake placeholder till they knew how much stock they were getting? Meanwhile I sold my old watch thinking at most I'd be without for a week or two.


            Now I'm stuck becaue everywhere is back ordered at this point. What the hell was the advantage of day one ordering? The $10 a/mo discount better not activate before I even receive the device. I'm going to attempt to see if the watch is in any tmobile stores Friday on my lunch break. So annoyed right now.

            • amacias86

              4. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

              Same Exact issue here! was told 9/22 guaranteed ship date i asked several times before I let them charge me and of course what do you soon as I get off the phone email says 10/30!!! The reps know this but are coached not to say that obviously t mobile wants the sale I get that i do. but just fess up to it.

              • magenta2691899

                5. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                I ordered mine on 9/15 at 12:30 am and I got the shipping noticed last night with the delivery day of the 22nd

                • mickama2486

                  6. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                  I ordered my watch on the 16th and have the same thing, an estimated shipping date of 10/30-11/10.  I had a rep on the phone tell me that I should have my watch way before then, but how does he know that when he is more than likely seeing the same information I am.  Sometimes I wish I could get the truth out of someone in a call center or store!!!!

                  • aria27

                    7. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                    So the Tmobile newr me didn't get any apple watch inventory today.


                    According to the rep I talked to I can order it in store and they'll have it within a few days. Either the rep is entirely wrong or tmobile is screwing the people who pre-ordered?


                    My preorder was placed 9/15 (didn't get it placed at the Crack of dawn 12:30am like previous poster) in the afternoon and I was told shipping this week (not arrive but shipping at least) and then when I got the email it said the end of October first week of November.


                    I'm afraid to place an order with the store only to have TWO apple watches stuck in the system since apparently you can't cancel your preorder at this point either. What the hell

                    • amacias86

                      8. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                      I was told by the Rep that If the store Had the watch I could just get it from the store and cancel my unshipped apple watch which I pre order over the phone. I would have to do the whole process again in the store.

                      • magenta2702459

                        9. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                        My preorder estimated shipping date just changed from "09/25/17-10/06/17" to "09/22/17-09/25/17".   I preordered my wearable at first announcement, will update once I get an update.    

                        • amacias86

                          10. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                          where are you checking your shipping date?

                          • magenta2702459

                            11. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                            amacias86 I checked it through the T-Mo app.  On the main menu page, under "Order Status", it shows my Esp. ship date as "09/22-09/25/17", however clicking on it for further details, it seems to revert back to "09/25-10/06/17".  All in all, here's to it shipping within the next week.

                            • aria27

                              12. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                              Mine estimates 10/30 but when I click it says 10/23


                              I preordered on day one. I can’t say I’m that much happier about cutting shipping down potentially by a week considering I’m still on a one month backorder right now. Hurray it’s not over a month anymore /sarcasm


                              some updates to my earlier posts:

                              spoke to a much more knowledge rep you CAN cancel your preorder so long as it hasn’t shipped yet

                              Stores do NOT get the watches sooner than users get preorders so placing an order at a TMO store won’t get you a watch faster.

                              • magenta2702459

                                13. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                                Gotcha!  Alright, here's to hoping we get it before Halloween!    Thanks for your updates!

                                • magenta2702459

                                  14. Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                                  @aria27 amacias86

                                  Just an update:  I don't have any shipping information updated, HOWEVER, I did see a debit on my CC account for the taxes authorized during my pre-order.  Looks like my pre-order is finally processing! 


                                  * fingers crossed *

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