How do I disable the Hotspot feature?


    Hello all,


    I want to disable the hotspot feature on one of my line due to security and personal reason.  All I know is that it's included in the ONE plan but I need to know if it's possible to disable that on the carrier side?  Please help!!


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      • barcodeable

        Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

        The wifi hotspot isnt a stand alone feature,so Im unsure if T-Mobile can disable it temporarily. I do know You have the power to enable and disable the Wifi Hotspot feature conveniently from your mobile device. Each device varies slightly on how to turn this feature on and off, but you do have control over this function.


        What concerns do you have regarding the safety level of the hotspot feature?

        Do you believe someone is activating your hotspot feature remotely?




        *******Disclaimer: Im only a customer, this is a user forum, I don't know everything about T-Mobile systems and practices but i have learned a bunch of stuff from being a loyal customer since 2007. I will try to the best of my ability to help you with all of your Magenta issues and problems ****

          • djmyx

            Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?



            Reason I need the WIFI Hotspot disabled is to limit the use of other devices in my home to connect to the internet.  I have my home router setup a certain time to disable WIFI access to limit internet use. So, I want to disable the hotspot feature on one of my line to prevent internet access on other devices (this line is used by a minor who finds way to connect to the internet during school night .

              • tmo_chris

                Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

                Just checking in here to see how things are going? barcodeable has some pretty awesome suggestions here. As far as disabling hotspot capability on one of your lines of service, unfortunately we do not have a way to do this systematically.

                • magenta3128589

                  Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

                  Monitor your children's phone time and set usage limits with T-Mobile Family Allowances, now included at no extra charge in every T-Mobile ONE™ plan with two or more lines. Qualifying plan required.

                  Follow the link below and by setting data limits and blocking the WiFi in the house , you will reduce the child's ability to use the phone. Great for school also. Can bypass though with a WiFi connection.


                  Family Allowances

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              • barcodeable

                Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

                Oh, I completely understand your situation now.  I need to know on the line that you want the wifi disabled on... what is the make and model of that particular phone.  Some devices allow you to lower and increase the amount of devices that can connect to it. Some devices allow you to set a password that the ajoining device must have in order to use the wifi data. I was figuring to set the password to something like this using the letter "o" and the number "0" Example: Password 560O000OO0O.  or use the capital i   "I" and lower case L "l" interchangeably Password: 56IIlllllI. But based on what you have already posted, your kid is very clever and could bypass whatever roadblock you set in their path. Your kid would probably just delete the password you set and create their own.


                If your kid uses the wifi hotspot to connect it to an apple device that doesn't have cellular service... you can lock the use of the "safari" and other features in the settings of the ipad. (I posted images of what the screens will look like). You can also lock the use of downloading apps to prevent your kid from downloading any other app to allow them to browse the internet. You can allow safari to access specified websites and nothing else.


                Apple and other device manufacturers should have a feature to lock the Wifi in settings, but they currently don't to my knowledge. I do remember when i go to the T-Mobile website i can change my UNLIMITED DATA LINE to NO DATA. I don't know the problems that may arise from that. I wouldn't want you to change your data to no data during the weekday and T-Mobile says you can't return back to unlimted since you made a change.  If there is a specific applications you do not want your kid to use, you would have to look to see what parental restrictions there are with each app.



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                  • djmyx

                    Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

                    Awesome post!!! I will give it a try.  And they are using iPhones to use the hotspot.barcodeable

                      • nelfar212

                        Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

                        I going to try a few things when I get home, we defiantly want to help... Please don't think I'm telling you how to parent, but the easiest solution is to take the device at night. problem solved. My 13y/o has lost her phone till January for doing almost the same thing she said I need it for an alarm, OK went an brought her an Alarm clock she's not happy oh well told her she'll live. a few years back my Son had his phone taken for misbehavior he didn't want to give it up, I had his line suspended and for each day he didn't want to give it up it cost him longer. He gave it up the next day.     

                    • tmo_mike_c

                      Re: How do I disable the Hotspot feature?

                      I agree. barcodeable's suggestion is worth a shot. Please test that out and let us know if that helps. Thanks!