good deals for new customer but what about existing customers?


         I been looking to get a phone deal for my existing lines but all the deals are only for new customers or if you add a new line.

    I already have 5 lines and I don't  want add another one, is anybody has the same feeling as I do. i hope T-MOBILE CEO do something to give us a good deals to all existing customers that We been loyal to this company we deserve new phone deals too, what I see is that T-MOBILE put a lot to bring new people into the company but not much to keep what they already have.

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      • gramps28

        What type of plan do you have now?


        I've been with Tmobile 13+ years and I just switched to the One Plus 55+ plan for $60

        after auto pay credit.

        • Well it is true T-Mobile is using promos to draw in new customers however right now there is a trade-in promotion on iPhones. Sometimes these trade in deals are more lucrative than other times and they are for existing and new customers. After all we are customers because we agree with the price and coverage. But new customers may need an easy out of their current carrier to switch over to T-Mobile to save money. That includes carrier freedom paying off contracts and paying off device installments.

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          • magenta6176010


            at 23:46, Sep 14:

            Why no deals for long existing customers who only need 1 line?


            • dme***

              good deals for new customer but what about existing customers?


              I completely & totally agree with you. I have been a T-mobile customer for at least 10 years now with a family plan of 4 lines. I just recently downgraded to 3 lines because my kids are growing up & doing their own thing. I never find any good deals on new phones for existing customers. Its always only to add a line. I have no one else to add a line for. One representative told me to just have the extra line just in case.... In case of what ??? Sometimes i want to switch to another provider to get a good deal on a new phone but then I might just find myself in the same situation. We will see......

                • waubeeka9

                  If you have jump demand then you can upgrade to a different device. The cost to get jump is $12.00 ask the rep they should explain it to you.

                    • dme***

                      i know what jump is. I had it before for of course an extra cost to my already $300 + bill. Jump is to be able to upgrade your device as soon as a newer one comes out or whenever you want. But the price of the phone is the same & taxes & fees are the same. Thats not a deal on a device you can just upgrade sooner that what you would be able to if you didn't have Jump & of course its for a FEE...

                    • theoldrepublic

                      This is actually a great deal for families who are looking to add lines because their kids are growing up/old enough to have cell phones, or families who are unhappy with their current carriers and need incentives to switch. It's evident that you don't know basic economics. Why would T-Mobile give you a free phone for no reason? Just because you pay your bill on time? Why don't you ask utility company or your cable company to give you free service, equipment or discount from time to time because you pay your bills on time? People nowadays are so entitled it's ridiculous. All I'm reading from your complaints is that you don't want to pay for a new phone because your bill is too high and you deserve it.


                      If everyone like you who has "been with T-Mobile for 10+ years" got free phones, how do you think T-Mobile would make money? You do realize that carriers like Verizon and AT&T don't really give a rat's a$$ about customers, right? T-Mobile has won the #1 customer service for a reason. Obviously, there are overwhelming amount of customers who are happy with whatever T-Mobile has to offer. If AT&T or Verizon ever have any "BOGO phone" deals or "free phone" deals that's because their service cost is much more expensive and they create an illusion that customers are getting the phones for "free" when they actually end up paying for them due to their higher service costs. I left them for a reason. I dare you to go to Verizon or AT&T and see if you can have every single feature you have right now with T-Mobile plus newer phones for the same monthly cost or lower. If they can offer that and you're not doing it, well then either you're too lazy or not financially savvy.


                      I just saw 3-4 good deals where T-Mobile was offering 50% off newer phones if they just traded in their phones that are in good/working condition. You missed them because you weren't actively searching or looking out for them. Average consumers make me sick with their entitlement and incompetence in understanding how markets work. Go on, switch to other carriers. T-Mobile doesn't really need customers like you anyway.

                    • dme***



                      Geez you should be a T-Mobile cheerleader & get paid for all the a** kissing and advertising . I never stated that I wanted to have a free phone if you would have read the message correctly you would have understood that. All I stated was that existing T-Mobile customers should also have good deals on other/newer phones as well not only when you add a line. I agree with you in that T-Mobile is a great company and the best one out there obviously thats why I have been with them for so long. Your reply/message was uncalled for. You sound like a very bitter & angry person. Instead of replying to message boards like these you should go and see someone for professional mental health because its obvious from reading your message that you have underlying issues. You seem like you have self esteem issues & putting other people down makes you feel better about yourself and thats really sad. I feel bad for you really. Thank you to everyone else and have a wonderful Christmas & a very happy New Year !!!

                        • theoldrepublic


                          I can see how this was directed at you as I seemed to have pressed "Add Reply" to you instead of "Reply to original post" as I intended because the OP is ridiculous. I apologize for making it seem like it was personally directed at you. But you're a hypocrite yourself so don't act like you don't "put people down" when you literally just told me to go see a mental health professional but that's besides the point. I'm fine, thank you. Regardless, I stand by what I wrote. My message is out there for everyone to read. If you've worked retail and dealt with someone like the OP, you'd know the emotions behind the message. Cheers.

                        • magenta6950267

                          I agree. I don't understand why T-Mobile won't take care of their existing customers wishing to upgrade. Our only option appears to be going to a 3rd-party vendor to get the best phone deal we can find, then transferring our T-mobile line to it. Very dissapointing.