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    I have a Simple Choice plan and thinking about switching to a One plan. Though I am a bit confused about the following:


    1. Will I lose HD streaming from LTE? What would happen if I force 1080p inside the YouTube app?

    2. Tethering. If I am using the Wi-Fi hotspot that is native to the Android OS, am I still limited to 3G?

    3. Voicemail to Text. I am using the native android Phone App and iPhone that has voicemail features (e.g. you can see new voicemails directly from your phone and play them individually without having to dial a number to check in). Do I lose this?

    4. Name ID. This only works if I was using the T-Mobile Name ID app right? I'm not using the Name ID app, so I'm guess I am not using this feature currently?

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        1,2,3: no.

        4 T-Mobile Name ID uses the Hiya Service. It's a free app in the Play Store.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Simple Choice to One

          Hey, mysteerie! Sorry for any confusion here. Your post mentions that you're considering switching to a ONE plan, but most of your questions seem geared towards features included in ONE Plus. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not! You can find more details here: Find the right plan for you, but I'd also like to make sure we're addressing your concerns point by point.


          1. Streaming on T-Mobile ONE is optimized, so video will typically stream at DVD quality or better (480p). You can get unlimited HD streaming by adding T-Mobile ONE Plus.

          2. 3G tethering is the norm with T-Mobile ONE, but with ONE Plus you will get 10GB of 4G/LTE smartphone mobile hotspot to tether from your device, and unlimited 3G after that.

          3. Voicemail to Text and Visual Voicemail are two different features. If you're just using VVM right now, which is a T-Mobile branded app for Android devices and built into iOS devices, then you're good, and won't lose a thing! Voicemail to Text (SMS transcription of your messages) is an add-on feature, so on Simple Choice you'd be paying for it monthly, however, it's included in ONE Plus.

          4. Name ID is powered by Hiya, as snn_555 mentioned. You can find out a little more about it here: Name ID. It's included with ONE Plus, but there is a fee to enable it on other plans.


          Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions.


          - Marissa

          • woodstocklibertarian

            Re: Simple Choice to One

            Seems everyone answered your questions but here's my reply:

            Unless you are constantly over your data cap on Simple Choice, it's likely to be cheaper to stay right there.  And the subset of features is better, by and large.

            you can install the truecaller app - for free (or pay to never see ads) and it will alert you to spam calls and give name ID.

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