iPhone 8 on 600MHz network


    Looking at the technical specification on iPhone 8 it seems that the new iPhone does not support 600MHz. So when t-mobile rolls out 600MHz network, it will make the newest phone in the market obsolete. Also what is the current LTE band t-mobile operates on?

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        Re: iPhone 8 on 600MHz network

        All phones this year except for 2 will not have band 600.


        This is something a lot of tech sites don't mention or even understand themselves.  The FCC can't test for hardware and frequencies if there is no standard.  Band 66 wasn't approved by 3GPP until recently.  The V30 and an unnamed Samsung mid range phone will be the first.  These are the ONLY devices this year that got their FCC approval AFTER hardware was finalized and FCC could test them.  IN order to put band 71 in old devices would have to go back to the drawing board and delay release by potentially up to a year so manufacturers already approved are pushing out their devices.  Manufacturers are aware only techies actually care about band 71 let alone know what it is and if it would really help them.  Honestly I get 70+/30+ and band 71 will do nothing to my overall performance.  LG took a gamble and it may pay off or it could hurt them later.  They may have rushed the software or there could be design flaws within the hardware itself for the band which affect performance.


        Also I don't think band 71 is going to be a magic bullet fix for everything and everyone.  It'll improve things in some areas, but I honestly don't think first generation band 71 devices are worth it.  I'd rather wait for next year devices.  I am treating it like how AT&T and T-Mobile pushed out HSPA and Verizon pushed out LTE.  First generation LTE devices were TERRIBLE.  The amount of problems they had and a lot of average joes complained and complained.  Had this one guy at a Verizon store threw his Thunderbolt into their store window and walked down 5 stores over into a T-Mobile store and switched. 

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          Re: iPhone 8 on 600MHz network

          Does the new iPhone 8 support band 66?  If so, in practical terms, does it matter/will it improve service much?  Wondering if this will amount to a significant improvement over iPhone 7.

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            Re: iPhone 8 on 600MHz network

            If I was in the market for a new phone it would have to be the lg v30. The iphones always seem to be missing something I want.  Also Samsung should have a 600 capable phone out soon that will be less expensive