Horrible Customer Service Experience -- Who Do I Talk To


    I don't like going to the Better Business Bureau before filing  a complaint with the actual company. So, here I go. My experience ordering the Apple Watch Series 3 was a complete JOKE. I walked into the store in Los Feliz, CA .The guy who helped me was nice, but very eager. He told me if I pre-ordered the Apple Watch, I could get it by Sept. 22th or possibly earlier. We went through the plans and when everything was done being set up, he claimed that the Watch that I wanted now won't ship until October 2 at the earliest. I told him that it was too late. We then looked at the one with the pink band (I knew I could change bands) and it said Sept. 25. So, I ordered it. Meanwhile, after I got home, I realized I no longer had my ID that was used for the credit check. So, I had to go drive back to the store. But it gets worse. When I checked my order for the Watch, it said Ship date is October 9. I was definitely tricked into buying the Watch by the salesperson just so he could get credit. If I knew it wouldn't ship until October 9, I wouldn't have ordered it. Who can I talk to about this to make sure this issue is resolved and that doesn't happen to other customers?

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