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    Ive been told you can use tmobile as your home internet service. Not your phone as a hot spot but an actual box or hot spot for home internet.Is this true? hot spot on cell is way slow when i just briefly use it so can anyone advise if this is true and how does it work.

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      • gramps28

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        Yes they do but there are no unlimited plans.


        Prepaid Internet | T-Mobile

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        • barcodeable

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          Actually, once you use up all of your alloted High Speed data, after that your mobile internet speed is reduced to Unlimited 2G speeds until your next bill cycle. gramps28 is correct regarding there are no unlimited plans to use for the purposes you are interested in (HOME INTERNET USE @ FAST 4G SPEEDS) I have a 6GB Hotspot and two 2GB Hotspots. They are stand alone devices I use on the go and in my home.


          My 6GB Stand Alone Mobile Hotspot operates at 4G speeds until the 6GB of data gets used up. I watch movies, search the internet and listen to talk radio/music. Once i use up the 6GB of high speed data the speed is slowed to unlimited 2G.


          My 2GB Stand alone mobile hotspot operates at 4G speeds until the 2GB of data gets used up. I mainly use this device for music/talk radio and playing online games. I play a game called War Robots and it actually works using slowed down 2G speeds.


          As for using this as your home internet,  is actually relative to what you plan on doing with it at home! If you plan on watching hours and hours of movies i doubt this would be what you are looking for. And if you increase the data to the highest available option, you may as well just get regular home internet instead for that price. But if you want to watch movies at dvd quality maybe a few times per week, listen to music, and search the internet and check emails, then this may be what you are looking for. As i stated i use my 2GB Mobile Hotspot primarily for playing the War Robots game and listening to music/talk radio. Even if i use up all of my 2GB of data I am still able to listen to music, play my War Robots Game and search the internet and check my email. The speeds are slow browsing the web, but at unlimited 2G speeds... it's fast enough for me for only $20 bucks a month. If you have the old grandfathered Simple Choice plan, you may be eligible to get $10 off of your bill and Binge-On is available to the old grandfathered Plans. But for the new plans i believe the plans come with music freedom, to listen to all the music you want, but at 2G speed, you can already listen to unlimited music.


          another great thing about the stand alone mobile hotspot vs the hotspot from your phone.... is that T-Mobile prioritize your tethering hotspot on your phone due to congestion on their network in your area. T-Mobile gives Mobile Internet / Tablet users 1st PRIORITY.... while people that use their phones as a wifi hotspot are given 2nd place. I like being First


          i hope my post was helpful.

          • barcodeable

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            another thing i forgot to mention.... which is awesome, even a T-Mobile Rep i spoke to in the store wasn't aware of it. You are able to receive and send unlimited text messages using your mobile internet device. and t-mobile boast about their No Boarders..... i can send unlimited text messages all over the

            • marksatx23

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              I'm looking at moving to an area that doesn't have any wired internet access and I need to explore / discuss options with wireless internet.. I'm hoping T-Mobile has something comparable to the blue shytball!


              AT&T has a plan available thru their retention department that is unlimited / 500GB of 4G speeds for $100 a month on a "home internet hotspot" that also includes voice.


              Please tell me T-Mobile that you can make this happen!! I don't want to go back to the blue shytball!!