Digits deactivated but still forwarding calls


    Hi I've deactivated TMobile digits uninstalled it. Made sure all the multi-line settings in my phone were correct spoke to customer care for at least 2 hours the past 5 days went into the T-Mobile store bought a new phone.


    Despite all of this I am still getting calls forwarded to me from my other phone line they no longer look like the calls coming in through digits they look like just normal calls that are going to my phone line but they're actually for the second line on my account.


    Hasn't has anyone else been through this? Every time I speak to customer care they think they've got the problem fixed and I hang up and within a few hours the calls are going back to my number and of course when I went into the T-Mobile store and had them fix it they did a test call in the store and the calls went to the right number but about 12 hours after leaving the Tmobile store all the calls were being routed through one phone again..


    Please help... any ideas??? The only idea I have left that I haven't tried is doing a hard reset on my phone I have a Galaxy S7 and the other line on my account is a T-Mobile Revel it was a iPhone 7 plus before the Revel.


    Thanks in advance. I have literally been losing my mind these past few days going through this and I'm completely out of ideas and options

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