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    I currently have an LG G4. I've had the phone for more than 2 years (phone is paid off) and recently cracked the screen. I do have the $10 dollar insurance currently on phone. I know there is a $175 deductible. I also checked on the T-Mobile site and the G4 is discontinued. At the store, they said I would receive something like a G4 as a replacement like a G5.

    If I go ahead and replace my phone, will I have to pay an additional amount for the new phone? Will the new phone be eligibility for the insurance plan? If something like this happens again, will I just be upgraded again to a G6 or whatever is current at the time?

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        They will more than likely NOT give you a G5.


        What they will give you will be in the same generation of the device you bought.  So that would be an S6 or HTC M9 iirc.  It's not up to T-Mobile what you get.  It's up to the insurer.  T-Mobile may stop selling the G4, but that doesn't mean the insurer doesn't have any to give you.  Whatever device the insurer gives you will still be covered under the insurance. If they don't have comparable what I remember is they cut you a check depending how old the device like car insurance does.

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