John don't give the business customers the shaft on Netflix


    I have been a t mobile customer for 15 years way. Before t-zonez.  I have always keep my grandfathered plan unless I had to change because of better services.   The last plan I was on was a truly awesome simple Choice, but I changed to one because of digits beta not available and twice the overseas speed I have yet to try this..

    Well I come to find out that business customers don't have access to digits until now. No stock options.  Then I was so excited excited for the big Announcement... free Netflix wow awesome told tons of people.  Then I waited till the 12th I  goto add it and nothing, so I called customer service and guess what business customers don't get Netflix.....what? Why I was told because we get other deal's,,,,like what 24 hour customer service.  Why would I need that, what could go wrong maybe why am I not getting Netflix or why can't I get digits. This is just ridiculous, I could understand if I got free phones or watches or specials that no one else gets but this is not the case.  I get the same as every customer actually Less.  You would think that we as business customers would get perks beyond the stuff that is offered, but not the case.  We get to pay the same but we get less. 

    What is going on John? Your a business man why take away from your business customers.  I have stuck it out from the beginning through all of the crappy reception, the only thing that kept me in was your great customer service.  I cannot tell you how many people I have turned into T Mobile customers, I never asked for referrals or anything I just loved your service and wanted to see you grow.  So why stop now ...please even business customers like to take a break and watch a flick please don't forget about your core.

    We like to get excited to especially when it's from you.  Thanks

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