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    my service at work was great before irma, winds must have moved the antennas on the tower. I have awesome service 100 yards in front of workplace. my building is actually under the tower. How can I find a way to ask for a service ticket for this tower? I called and was told yeah we know, we working on it. BUT, nothing wrong with my tower just got tweaked i suppose. It works great except directly under it as it did before????

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: storm tweaked service

        Towers have a lot of self diagnostics that auto report problems. The engineers are aware of what's wrong and just trying to prioritize repairs.

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          • theartiszan

            Re: storm tweaked service

            Yeah. Irma took out alot of service. Their team has a lot on its plate right now as I'm sure you can imagine. They have too prioritize the major outages and get more complex issues resolved first and then the more minor ones. When we have problems,  it gets upsetting,  especially without being given a date or anything. But in the grand scheme of all the damage and how peoples lives are impacted in so many ways,  we need to learn to be patient.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: storm tweaked service

            Welcome, magenta2625996, and thanks for posting. I hope you and yours got through Irma as safely as possible. <3
            This service tweak sounds like a totally reasonable irritation. I'm inclined to agree with our Community members in that issues in FL (and any remaining issues in TX or outlying areas also impacted by Irma or Harvey) are being triaged, with the primary goal being to get towers back on ASAP for those who are currently without coverage at all. After that, though, if there is a notable change in coverage thanks to wind tossing things around, that's still important to correct -- it just may not be the number one priority at this time. When we have widespread outages in a market, our internal teams may not always see an option to file a service complaint in our internal system, if tech support teams are already engaged with a known issue in that area. I know it hasn't been too long since your initial post, but I wanted to ask if you'd had the opportunity to Contact Us again since this posting and see if that's the case here?


            - Marissa