V2.0: DIGITS - Contact lines showing up Custom instead of assigned customized name


    [Gosh, man, weird stuff is going on with T-Mobile's web and data software right now, right?! My email/post in the "DIGITS - Contact lines showing up Custom instead of assigned customized name" was just truncated, AND the T-Mobile Support Forum page is not accepting my reply; it keeps saying in a red banner when I click on 'Add Reply': Your content could not be saved due to an error. You may have been logged out. If this problem persists please contact your system administrator. Click here to refresh this page.]


    Hi tmo_chris and debjitjdv,


    I'm sorry that it appeared I wasn't responding and hadn't closed the loop! I now see what unfortunately happened. I don't know why, because my earlier emails were indeed posted to this forum, however when I replied via email to jive-703283820-1iuf5-2-d52b@t-mobilesupportcommunity-v8.hosted.jivesoftware.com on Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 8:11 PM, it doesn't look like it went through to you or the forum.

    Here's what I wrote:

    Got it working!! Sorry, this whole time, I was trying stuff out in the portal only with the DIGITS T&T line (I think you're calling it; the line I wanted to use instead of the device line). Only with your most recent post did I see you really meant the device line. That did it! Thanks so much for bearing with and coaching me through it! Yeah, seems like I can uninstall the DIGITS app now that the native app is kicking bootie. Right?

    And so now I see why you hadn't responded to me about whether you felt it was OK if I uninstalled the DIGITS app. Well, I since have, and everything seems to be working great! So, I don't plan on doing anything with your Sep 12, 2017 7:26 AM post (right?), and I want to say thanks very much again to both of you for your help!!


    Also, did you see my earlier note, as my phone still shows 'Sync error' under my gmail address in Contacts -> Manage Contacts -> Sync Contacts?

    ...I see in the settings for the native Contacts app that I can sync with my Google contacts. I have that turned that on because that's a must, but am seeing right now that there is a sync error. Might you know what's up there?


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