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    We purchased a cabin in the woods. After hours of configuration, I found a spot - like 3 square foot - where, if we place the phone in the window at this exact spot, we get 4 bars. I'm wondering if it is worth it to purchase a hot-spot device, like the Alcatel -to get wi-fi in the cottage while we are there.

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      • barcodeable

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        I had the same problem and coindently the same 4 Bars in the window situation I purchased a Wifi Hotspot and its in my window right now and im using it to gain access to the T-Mobile Network to type this post

        I have horrible signal at my house but there is a lowes which is about 5 blocks away from my house with a cell tower on it... and because the window i put the hotspot in is on the second floor level it has a clear unobstructed view of that tower which provide 4 bars... i was so excited when i noticed the "4Bar thing". And it works so good in my house.... im so happy. Im not happy that i have to put devices in the window for it to work, but nevertheless Im happy i have coverage in the house. I have gone approximately 10 years without having house coverage.... now finally i do.


        T-Mobile Reps may state I should get the "Cellspot" or the "signal bioster" from them to boost the T-mobile signal.... but i actually tried that, i tried them both, it didnt work for me. Not sure if i was using it correctly or not, it just didnt work for me so i sent it back to t-mobile, no harm no foul.

        But now.... i have to resort to putting devices in the my neighbors behind me im sure see my devices in the window, they may think im trying to video them during the now i put a holloween display in that window hiding my phone from view


        if you told me what phone plan you have, i may be able to give you more advice on how to use that hotspot in the window.... that sounds like a great name for a book, "Hotspot in the Window"

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Mobile Hotspot

          Hi, wmorand! Congrats on the cabin -- that sounds so peaceful! I think your decision regarding coverage solutions is probably best tailored to your specific needs. If you've got a Wi-Fi Calling capable device, and you're going to have high speed internet in the cabin, then the router is great because it prioritizes call traffic over other activity, but you could use the Wi-Fi signal for other devices, like your tablets or laptops. However, if you've already got a router with your internet, and your concern is with getting stronger T-Mobile signal for a compatible device that may or may not have Wi-Fi calling, but you're not so much concerned with needing the router for the purposes of creating a Wi-Fi network; then a 4G/LTE CellSpot might be a better fit, as it basically uses your internet to create a T-Mobile signal. Lastly, if you're just looking to amplify existing T-Mobile signal from that window, and don't want to fuss with an internet connection whatsoever, a signal booster would be your best bet.


          - Marissa