Transfering free duplicate number to a new device


    With a new Apple Watch LTE coming out, and DIGITS duplicate number I received for free for trying BETA out can I transfer it to a new Apple Watch and still get it for free. I am using it now in my Samsung Watch S2.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there! You'd be able to go ahead and do a SIM swap and have the watch operate as part of your DIGITS agreement! You would likely need to wait until the watch is fully released because as of now, you do need a non DIGITS plan and number to be associated with a pre-order!



          • darkoman4

            Thanks Lauren, that’s actually great news.

            • laestrella

              We won't have any issues with the plans getting swapped over to some non-free plan right? I'm a bit worried about this because I thought there was a separate Apple Watch Digits plan. I don't want a rep who doesn't know what he/she is doing to cause me to lose my free digits line.

                • evan-digits

                  The quasi-official instructions:


                  Just for those who want to know I also work Apple products so the Watch has been under my "watch" lately which is yet another reason I can provide a quasi-official set of instructions on how to upgrade from your Free Data with Paired DIGITS beta promo line....


                  1. *SUPER IMPORTANT* - buy the watch from T-Mobile.  The Apple watch contains an embedded programmable SIM, at the moment they need to be inventoried from us in order for them to get a proper profile on network when doing a device upgrade - if you're wanting a brand new plan.. then you can get it from anywhere.  (This will be fixed, just not this moment - and this is critical for those who are upgrading from the promo line).


                  2. Do not let the REP create a new rate plan for you.  You want to tell them you want it as a "Handset Upgrade" for your existing device on your Data with Paired DIGITS line.  Some reps, will likely argue with you about this however since the content that we're providing while comprehensive may be difficult for them to decipher for all the different conditions and situations.


                  3. When you get the watch, you should go to your iPhone and launch the Apple Watch application.  From there you'll be asked to pair the new watch with your phone, go ahead and do it.  It should then bring you to a screen where you are asked about doing a SIM Swap from an existing Data with Paired DIGITS device.  If all goes well, select the accounting number (the underlying non-usable phone number) for that line and you should be good to go.



                  ... If you don't follow these instructions, and something goes wrong along the way (and you get to a screen asking you to create a new line of service on your plan (you'll be prompted for the last 4 of your SSN), then here's what I'd recommend.

                  A. Go ahead and create the line of service (it's free for 90 days).

                  B. Call Care and have the accounting number for both the old line of service and the new one that you just created.

                  C. Ask them to convert the new on to the Data with Paired DIGITS beta promo rate plan and then cancel the old one.  You'll likely need a rep with elevated privileges to do that since they likely won't be able to see the beta promo rate plan in the list of rate plans to choose from.



                  Since I know this will be another topic of conversation ... the 512 kbps rate limit is immaterial for the Apple Watch - we've used it, we've tested it, we've looked at the results -- your network connectivity is what's most important and it's possible you may see something when you're at the edge of the network though nothing consequential..  That said, if you want the faster speed that is being offered for that device, you can switch and pay for the new rate plan that is being used for the Apple Watch exclusively - we are not providing that as a free upgrade from the lines we provided for the beta promo.


                  Thanks for participating and helping to improve the products and look forward to hearing what people think about the new watch....

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              • tmo_lauren

                Policies and info continue to be updates since the device isn't released yet, but our official documentation internally says: Customers on the Beta Data with paired DIGITS plan can buy the watch on that line and continue to receive the Beta offer.

                So I take it that you should be able to keep on keepin' on, but we'll let you know if that ends up not being the case.



                • tmo_chris

                  Hey Folks,


                  For anyone who purchased the Apple Watch from anywhere other than T-Mobile and is getting the 412 error, our engineers are aware of this issue and are working diligently with Apple to create a work around. While we work to get this fixed (it is a high priority), we recommend pairing your Apple watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and using Wi-Fi to get all the latest apps and to make sure your watch has the latest software.

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