100 for 2 lines


    Hi. Today I wanted to sign up for 2 lines for 100$, but you don't have the offer anymore.

    Is there any change to sign up for it? I don't need a netflix account.

    Are you planning to get it back in future?

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      • barcodeable

        Re: 100 for 2 lines

        Promotions, deals, special perks and free offers have always been offered on a "limited time availability". The 2 lines for $100 have been available with the Simple Choice Plan and had been available with the T-Mobile ONE Plan. Only recently it has changed during the Netflix Promo offer. 2 Lines for $100 is a very good deal and I'm sure T-Mobile will have discounted plans/promotions comparable to the 2 for $100 deal in the near future. Im suspecting something big for Black Friday, but nothing is basic business with T-Mobile.


        LIST OF PERKS, FREEBIES THAT ARE NOLONGER WITH US (Except for the current Netflix offer and the 55+ Elderly Plan)


        FREE MLB Baseball AtBat

        FREE 2 Lines on Us

        FREE 1 Line on Us

        FREE Netflix ($9.99) for T-mobile ONE Plan subscribers

        FREE Napster unRadio ($4.99) for unlimited simple choice users

        FREE Vudu credits ($3.99) for unlimited simple choice users who have binge-on activated

        2 Lines for $100 Dollars

        55+ Elderly Plan

        Family Stateside International Promotional Plan for $10 (covers all lines on your account)



        T-Mobile may already be contemplating their next strategic promotional punch to knock out their competition once and for all. You have to keep your eyes and ears opened when these opportunities present themselves.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: 100 for 2 lines

          Welcome, magenta2623211! I'm sorry to read that you just missed this promotion date. Once an offer is grandfathered, existing customers who were able to take advantage of the offer can retain it until they elect to change services, but there won't be an option to add it to a new account. We don't have any word on what upcoming promotions will be, but we do our darnedest to come up with exciting offers frequently, so I've got my fingers crossed that if you stay tuned we'll have something for you in the future!


          - Marissa

          • barcodeable

            Re: 100 for 2 lines

            magenta2623211  I have to add another post to clarrify something. The current T-Mobile ONE deal of 2 lines for $120 (including taxes and fees + Netflix which is a $9.99 value) is nothing to frown upon. Yes, you were looking for 2 lines for $100, but If you already pay $9.99 for your Netflix service.... you will in essence be paying $110 for 2 lines all taxes and fees included. And the current offer may change at any time, the same as the previous offers.


            But, if you are bent on the 2 for $100 dollar offer, I would suggest to wait, and wait some more till T-Mobile pull another Magenta rabbit out of its proverbial hat You may get lucky for next THANKSGIVING / BLACK FRIDAY / CHRISTMAS / or NEW YEAR DEALS

            • tricon23

              Re: 100 for 2 lines

              I can confirm that you can't get the Netflix promo is you are on the 2 lines for 100.00 promo. It's only available for the 120.00 plan.



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              • magenta4176003

                Re: 100 for 2 lines

                Was it 2 for $100 with auto pay or was the auto pay separate?