Simple Common Problem Impossible for T-Mobile to Solve!


    I have been getting nothing but the run around from T-Mobile and everyone I have dealt with has no idea what to do.


    Here is the simple problem. I bought a new phone (not from T-Mobile) which requires a nano sim. My current phone uses a regular sim so I need a nano sim for my new phone. I am on the T-Mobile Legacy Pay As You Go Prepaid plan.


    I went to the T-Mobile website to order a nano sim but the order page for the Pre-paid Sim states - "Note: If you are existing T-Mobile customer and just need to change the size of your SIM, please visit a T-Mobile store.".


    So I went to a T-Mobile store. They didn't have any idea what to do and said I have to order the Sim online at the T-Mobile website.


    So I called customer service and the person I spoke to said "All my questions will be answered by the website" and could provide no other help.


    So I went on the website and used the customer service chat. The representative said she can't help me and is only there to sell plans and phones.


    Am I to believe I am the first and only person in the world who has ever had to change the size of their sim for a new phone?  Why does the website tell me to go to the store but the store tells me to order from the website? Why can't phone and chat support help?


    As I understand it, the Pre-paid sim cards that you order from the website are already activated with a phone number and are for new accounts. I don't want a new phone number. I want to keep my same phone number and keep my legacy pre-paid plan but can't get anyone to help me get a nano sim for my new phone.


    This should be a simple problem to solve yet no one at T-Mobile has a clue what to do.


    I have seen one person say to buy the pre-paid activated Sim on the website and call T-Mobile to deactivate it and switch my number to it but If they can't even help me get a nano Sim I have no confidence in them doing this and am afraid they will screw up my Legacy Pre-paid plan and put me on the new worse Pre-paid plan and not be able to fix it.

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      • gramps28

        Tmobile sells 3 in 1 sim cards that way you can switch out easily between phones.


        I always went to the store if I needed a replacement sim but since you need a prepaid sim

        you can go to eBay and buy one for .99 and take it to the store or call in to activate.

          • whatatay

            Thank you Gramps28.  My old phone did not have the 3 in one sim card, just the older standard sim card. Sounds like Ebay is the way to go.


            Based on my experience, I just wonder if anyone at T-Mobile would know how to activate a sim card if they can't even tell me how to upgrade to a nano size.


            Update: I just went to Ebay.  The cheapest prepaid sim card has a starting bid of 99 cents with $3 shipping.  Most are Pre-Activated. For 99 cents I would take a chance but need two, one for me and another for a family member as we both upgraded to new phones. Hate to spend $6 each and find out I have to buy them from T-Mobile anyway but may have to go that route. Thanks again.

          • beej

            I'm on the same grandfathered Legacy PAYGO plan you are and I was able to transfer my plan, number and balance to a new SIM card without going into a T-Mobile store.  I was lucky enough to have bought a 3 in 1 prepaid nano SIM on sale for .99 cents from the T-Mobile website before they started pre-activating them.  If I had it to do now I would go the un-activated route on eBay.  You're just asking for more headaches if you buy an activated one.


            After you get your new SIM card pop it in your new phone and then call 611 from your old phone.  That will connect you to the reps that handle your account type.  Tell them you want to transfer your account to a new SIM card and give them the new SIM card number.  They said it could take up to 2 hours but I was up and running on my new phone in 5 minutes.  As soon as my old phone lost it's signal the new one was working.


            Some Legacy users here have had luck at the T-Mobile store doing the same thing but their SIM cards are $25 now.  Let us know how it works out for you.  

            • beej

              I forgot to mention that I didn't power up my new phone and SIM until the old one lost it's signal.  I don't know if that makes a difference or not.  Ignore the 800 number and web link that's provided with your new SIM cards.  Calling 611 from your old phone is the way to go as it connects you to the offshore reps that handle Legacy accounts.  You'll need your account PIN numbers that you set up when you established your accounts.


              Let us know how it goes.  If it works out you'll have saved $43 for your frustration.   

                • whatatay

                  Thanks for the additional info beej.  I got my sim cards yesterday and called 611 today on tbe old phone and told them what you said.  I had my new phone with the sim card installed turned off. The rep said if it is on to shut it off and then turn it back on. At that point I just turned it on amd 4 minutes later everything was working.


                  Thank you both again for doing T-mobile's job for them because they don't have a clue.