LG G6 missed texts every day


    Yup! Every day, I miss a text, up to 5 a few times.


    I got the new LG G6 early summer. I previously had an LG G3 and loved it for the most part. I got a new phone because it crapped out one morning, wouldn't turn on, it was toasted. So hey, forced to get a new one! Since day 1, I've missed at least 1 text.

    Long rant short: I've factory rebooted my phone, swapped sim cards twice, had wi-fi on and off, saved/deleted texts, nothing. I had my friends try to resend the text, it wouldn't work. Screencaps seem to work. I can miss texts during any time of the day. The texts can be lengthy or short. Swapped to using the Textra app, still missed them. Whenever I text them, they receive it every time.


    The phone is working in literally perfect working conditions, except there's at least one text missing every day. My LG G3 was buggy after 4+ years, but only missed texts once every 3+ months. The G6 has been EVERY day. Since summer, I thought I could get used to it. But it makes me a little paranoid whenever I'm waiting for a response and I am getting tired of it. I thought about seeing if I can trade in my current phone for another LG G6. Or swapping entirely with a Samsung or something. But my wallet's a little empty.


    Any idea's? Suggestions?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: LG G6 missed texts every day

        Hey, mattesteron! Missing a few messages daily would be a huge inconvenience for anyone, but as a fellow G6 user, I have to say this post is especially frustrating to read. After a factory reset, SIM swap, checking Wi-Fi to see if the issue resolves itself on the network/off the network, deleting threads to start fresh -- there isn't much troubleshooting left to do!
        At any point during your troubleshooting (which is exhaustive, so kudos to you!) did you running the phone in Safe Mode immediately after a reset? That could help rule out for once and for all if the issue is with the device itself or with an app that's not playing nicely with your messaging app. I also wanted to ask if at any point you've filed a ticket with our tech team for the messaging issue -- you'd need to provide some example details (outgoing number, date, time stamp) of the messages you're missing, but then the engineering team could run a trace and see if there's any network problem that could be isolated. Have you ruled out both of those paths at this point?


        - Marissa

          • mattesteron

            Re: LG G6 missed texts every day

            Hi @tmo_marissa

            Thanks for the advice. I wanted to add as of now, I used my insurance to get a brand new LG G6 just in case it was a phone issue. I'm still having the same problems as if I never swapped phones. I'm convinced this is a network issue.

            Where/how can I go file a ticket to a tech team?

            I have plenty of screencaps and info that might help them.



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              • tmo_marissa

                Re: LG G6 missed texts every day

                Whoa, that is a huge bummer -- I know that you've to run a gauntlet of troubleshooting, so it's awful to think that you did all of that, set up a fresh device, and are still right back where you started.

                Our Care, Tech, or T-Force teams can file a trouble ticket. Care and Tech teams can be reached just by dialing 611, and T-Force is our social media team, who you can contact through DM to @tmobilehelp on Twitter, or by hitting the Message button on T-Mobile's Facebook page. Through those channels, we can securely verify the account and get a ticket filed. This should come up in our review while we're walking through a troubleshooting flow, but just in case -- please make sure to let our team know that you've already completed a master reset, replaced the device and SIM (twice, eek) with no change!


                - Marissa

            • magenta1538624

              Re: LG G6 missed texts every day

              Same here with my LG G6, but on top of the missing texts, I'm not receiving calls very consistently.


              Very stupidly I got this phone after a friend had these same exact issues on an LG G6 that he eventually traded in on a Samsung, which works flawlessly.