Can I use make calls or text others in China?


    I've never use T-Mobile service before, but I wanna use it now.

    So I'm gonna buy a T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit to use, I know it will activate with the pre-paid plan named "Pay As You Go" ($3/month).

    And I'm gonna use this plan for a while, if I'm satisfied with T-Mobile's network, I'll consider to change my plan.

    Here is my problem, I'm traveling to China next week. I contacted T-Mobile twice (2 different agents) to ask if I can make calls or text others there, and the answers from both of them are different. One said that prepaid plan won't work there and I won't even get a signal, he also told me the only way to use service in China is to change my plan to a post-paid plan like "T-Mobile ONE". And the other agent said that I can make calls and text others there, but I can not use the cellular data. He also told me the roaming carrier parter there is "China Unicom" and the calling rate will be $3.59/minute.


    I just wanna know which agent's answer is correct. Thanks for reading and helping me?

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