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    Hello. Four days ago I ported three numbers from AT&T. T-Mobile says the numbers are all active on the lines and AT&T has said that they have fully released the numbers. So far, none of our phones are working. Two still show the temporary numbers on the phones. One shows the ported number correctly, but no calls or SMS. Two can't do anything at all. Has anyone had this happen? Is it just taking a while to fully port? I am at a complete loss and T-Mobile can't seem to figure out what is going on either. I have spent the last two days on the phone with T-Mobile and everything that have tried has not worked.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Port problem

        Good afternoon, peganng!


        I'm so sorry that I'm just now seeing your post. Generally, the port can take up to 24 hours which you're clearly past. If it has been 4+ days, there may be an issue with the port. In this case, I recommend contacting our Number Transfer Center at 1-877-789-3106 and they are open 24/7. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

        • magenta2775727

          Re: Port problem

          I switched yesterday from Verizon to T-Mobile, had 3 lines, two numbers ported over with no problem.  My wife's line the Tmobile port center told me that Verizon is showing my wife's number as a Tmobile number??? Craziness! Yet she still talks and texts and surfs on the verizon network with her phone.  They put a ticket in said it should be resolved today, still haven't heard any reponse and my wife's number still has not ported over.  When I asked Tmobile to call verizon to get it released, they refused and said they couldn't do that.  I've worked in the wireless industry for many years and never heard any issues that could not be fixed.  I'm hoping this gets resolved today otherwise, verizon will gain three lines back.  All 3 numbers were under my account same account number and pin.  No excuses they dropped the ball on the port.  On top of spending 3 hours in the store, they wouldn't even waive my sim card charge!