how to check for a free upgrade

    how do i check for a free upgrade

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        Re: how to check for a free upgrade

        Are you talking about 0 down?


        various devices should give you 0 down, but some devices WILL cost regardless if you credit is good or bad.  There is a maximum dollar per line T-Mobile will allow.

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        • gramps28

          Get in a time machine and go back to 2007.


          Sorry for the answer but I've been stuck at home for the last 6weeks.

          • Are you referring to plans or devices?  JUMP!???  "Free upgrade" always reminds me of days where contracts were the norm and every 2 years you might get a no cost upgrade on a new device like with Verizon's "New every 2" deal. With contracts and subsidized devices no longer a thing I'm not sure what you're asking.

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            • tmo_marissa

              Hi, bridgodonnell! Our community members are correct here -- we've largely moved away from the concept of "free upgrades" now that we've removed contracts, since these subsidized devices were offered to secure additional two year commitments -- we now simply offer devices at full price or with the option to finance them or lease them, credit depending, and you're free to make a plan change or pay the equipment off at any point if desired.

              Is that what your original post was referring to? I know we have some legacy customers out there who may not have upgraded in some time! If we're totally missing the mark, please let us know a little bit more about what you're looking for and we're happy to help!


              - Marissa