Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied


    Really my whole account as been messed up since the accidently cut it off in June.

    Here is a run down of what's been going on...


    In terms of the outline of the issues I have experienced here goes.


    I have been a loyal customer of Tmobile since 2004 and despite the challenges I have face I have remained with the company.

    1.I returned to the US and eventually was based in a part of Maryland where I was getting almost zero network/service despite troubleshooting with a number of tmobile technical experts. After about a week of no service in the residence I contacted Tmobile again and they eventually offered me the Cell Spot device and it was sent out and arrived the next day. I set it up and it worked well in resolving my issues.

    2.One faithful day in June my line stopped working and I eventually was able to get a phone from a friend to contact tmobile (I was completely debilitated as they cancelled my line and when that happens you are not even able to call tmobile to find out what is going on) I was told that my line had been cancelled... this is when the cell spot return device reminders issues began to occur.

    3. I received numerous messages and emails saying I needed to return the cell spot device. I spoke to at least 2 agents including a special customer service employee to inform them of the reminders I had received stating the device needed to be returned. They both assured me this was an error cause by my line being disconnected in June and I did not need to return it. So I did not action any of the reminders.

    4. I saw an offer around father's day for the S8 special buy one get one free deals and decided to proceed with adding a line to my account and purchasing the phones the following Monday 19th June 2017. I was also told upon placing my order that tmobile would be able to unlock the phones to use on other networks once they arrived, this I later found was not true.

    5. I was initially told that the phone would arrive the next day however found out this was not true because the order went in after the cut off time for the day. I was then promised it would arrive by Wednesday and again despite waiting indoors for it, it still did not arrive and upon checking the UPS website for the status of the devices there was an update stating that a delivery was attempted. Which it was not and there was also no slip left.

    6. I immediately contacted T-Mobile that evening to explain the situation as I had contacted UPS and they stated they could not make any changes to the delivery as I requested for it to be upgraded to guaranteed delivery by noon as the 2nd phone was going to my brother who was travelling the next day. Once I spoke to T-Mobile they refused to upgrade the shipping options but proceeded to contacted UPS and were given a few options.

    a) redelivery the phones between 8-6pm (approx.)

    b) keep the phones at their depot and allow me to come and pick them up the next morning before the flight.

    I chose option B) despite the depot being a 30min drive and I having no access to a car at such short notice so took an uber. The agent stated he would place a credit on the account to help towards the cost of my uber which I appreciated. (despite the fact that it did not cover the amount in the end)

    7. On Thursday June 22nd I proceeded with my brother to the UPS depot (can send uber screenshots)

    The first driver Evette had an issue with her so we had to get out of the vehicle and request another hence the 2 screenshots that morning. We then got into Stefan car and made it to UPS.

    8. Upon arrival at UPS and giving them my tracking information it appeared that the recall of the phones was only requested for one phone, which happened NOT to be the phone designated for my brother. UPS were very helpful in trying to locate the phone and the driver but it did take some time nearly an hour. We then proceeded back to DC with Tatsuo and I was told that UPS would contact me once they found the drivers location. Needless to say this begun a 2 hour 30min search for the UPS van in 2 other ubers Tamiru and George with whom we located the UPS driver after many calls back and forth with UPS depot (feel free to verify this with my call log for the day).

    9. By the time this had been sorted and I got home I contacted T-Mobile to share the IMEI for the phone to be unlocked and spent another 1hour back and forth with the agent (Also verify through the call log) and eventually was told there would be no way for the phone to be unlocked that day and I would need to keep it and then mail it to my brother in the months to come. All this delayed his departure and he missed his shuttle and I had to place him in another Uber with Daniel in order for him to make his international flight.

    10. After a few days of use I noticed that my new S8 phone was having issues and shutting off and freezing, I contacted Tmobile and after 2 days of troubleshooting the stated they would need to send me a new phone which they would charge to my account and I would be fully refunded once the faulty device was received. This delivery happened with no major issues. However I have not been reimbursed for the extra money I paid for 2 months for 3 devices

    10. I was contacted from Tmobile by agent on **********on the 30th of June. She was very helpful and unlocked the phone for my brother and I explained all the challenges I had been facing. She also stated that I should ignore the device return reminders for the cell spot which I was still getting. She stated she would track the return of my phone and ensure I was refunded once it arrived at your warehouses.

    11. My day of departure from the USA July 14th. I contacted Tmobile to clarify a few things on my account and ensure my military suspension was placed back on. In this call I mentioned the device cell spot and was told again that I did not need to return it, it felt strange as the number of reminders I was getting had intensified. The agent later called me at 17.45 to state that the information she had previously given was wrong and I needed to return the device and sent me the returns procedure stating it could be returned to a store or via UPS. This was a complete shock to me as I was already heading to the airport and had no way of returning the device until my next trip to the US. (Can share the returns email)

    12. As I had left the country that day I had to arrange for the device to be picked up and then returned to a store as instructed. Unfortunately this information was also wrong and my assistant was not able to return the device a wasted $80 to pay him to pick it up and take it to the store. Eventually I had to pay him for another days service ($80) to pick up both the phone and the cell spot to be taken to UPS for return to Tmobile which was done on 25th July 2017.

    13. I began contacting Tmobile to follow up on the 2nd of August to find out why the refund had not been processed but did not get through to someone until the 3rd and that call lasted 45mins (please see attached) They told me that the warehouse had not received the device and they would need to do a deeper dive, by the 7th August I called again and was messed around before escalating my call to your office. I truly felt like my time was wasted and I informed the different agents that I was abroad and the call was costing me nearly $2 a minute and they had really no regard.


    14. I have been awaiting my rebate for this transaction and have seen that it was denied and the following error message was give...Now there seems to be another one created by the company a month later and I have not been informed or contacted what is going on.

    The 10-digit T-Mobile wireless number you provided is currently not showing in our system as an active T-Mobile wireless number.

    The 10-digit wireless number provided on your rebate submission was [PhoneNumber].


    On top of this I have been unable to log into my account as chrome and internet explore have issues with the whole security privacy code and had to download a different browser. When I told agents I had these issues they had no idea how to troubleshoot.


    15. My line should have been suspended since my departure but it seems that it has been unsuspended, not sure why it has not....


    Would be grateful to speak with a billing expert and understand what's happening and how I can be reimbursed for the issues faced.


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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

        Oh my missdeborah ! Looks like there's been quite a bit going on! Sorry this is happening, but we really wanna make sure these get taken care of.


        Is the service still an issue? You mentioned getting a Cellspot and it helping but you send it back. Did you end up getting another or were you able to test the service before you left the country to see if you needed it. Has your service been suspended like you wanted it? This is an account change you'd need one of are care folks to make so if you didn't want to call, you can reach them through the social support links on our Contact Us page. Did a representative explain the unlock process to you? Sorry if we set unrealistic expectations but there are specific requirements to get the device unlocked and I want to make sure this was addressed also. As for the promo, there are specific requirements that needed to be met prior to being able to redeem the offer. Here's a link to the promo. Keep in mind, this offer has expired but it's a great reference as to what you would have needed to do in order to get the offer. June 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO offer


        My apologies for all the questions, but I'd just like to get a clear picture of what's we can do to help you now. I appreciate you coming here to tell us what happened and I'm sorry you've had so much trouble.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

          Hey missdeborah


          Are you still there? Just wanted to check in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if we can be of any additional assistance. 

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

            Hi there, missdeborah. We just wanted to touch base once more and see how you're doing. Is there any help we can provide, or questions we can answer for you? Please keep us posted.


            - Marissa

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

              Hey there!


              Did you have any other questions? Just stopping in to make sure you got the help you needed. Please let us know.