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    Hi, how is the phone bill counted? Because I own 4 lines for $ 160 with automatic pay $ 140 minus kickback $ 10 for lines in my case times 2 results come out $ 120. But I pay $ 125? Solving the puzzles is a simple way of calculating. My line costs $ 25 - $ 5 auto pay = $ 20 - 50% for promo = $ 10 - $ 10 for kickback = $ 0 That should look like this! Unfortunately it looks like this $ 25 - $ 5 auto pay = $ 20 - $ 10 for kickback = $ 10 - 50% promo = $ 5 I'm charged every month $ 5 more. I called Tmobile for the second bill and there was no problem to correct it. I have a third bill and it is the same but this time the consultant can not understand it. So will I need to call until someone understands it every month?


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      • gramps28

        Re: Overcharged $5

        Contact T-Force through social media like facebook or twitter.


        T-Force are account specialist so hopefully they can fix this issue.


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          Are you counting the discount before or after auto pay discount?

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Overcharged $5

            Hi, p.g.82! This is a great call-out. I did a double check on our order of discounts, and it looks like they are applied as follows:

            Rate Plan cost > AutoPay credit > KickBack (if applicable) > Mobile Service Discounts (in this case, percentages off for the half-off lines promo) > 2 Lines on Us (if applicable)

            It looks like when this promotion started, KickBack customers with bill cycles that closed prior to June 11th may have received one bill that would have these discounts applied incorrectly, with that promotion being added after the percentage off. Those customers may have seen a zero dollar charge for any lines with this promo on that statement, but it has has since been corrected going forward (though there are no back-charges). I'm not sure if you had one of those bills, but I can see how that would cause confusion. I can also completely understand that the view you're seeing doesn't accurately reflect this, so we appreciate the feedback! I will make sure that we forward this to our MyTMO teams to see if there's a way to have this reworked to prevent other users from having the same concern.


            - Marissa

              • p.g.82

                Re: Overcharged $5

                Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, I think the system that calculates the bill is not good. When I changed my AT&T account to Tmobile I was told my bill would be $160 with automatic postage will be $140 which is my monthly fee. So if I activates kickback myself for each line and if I do not use more than 2GB in a month(Get back $10 per line when you use 2GB or less of data on your T-Mobile ONE plan. All you have to do is opt-in on the T-Mobile App or on My T-Mobile to enroll in the program. Then just pay your bill on time and use less than 2GB of data in your billing period and you'll see your KickBack credit applied. This is available with any T-Mobile ONE rate plan - including postpaid, @Work, No Credit Check, and Tablet plans. The only exception is the 9 for $310 @Work rate plan.)then I should get $10 credit. So if I have 4 lines it should get $40 but I really get $30 so it's a scam right. I understand that you can not afford to make that someone can pay $0 for a line. I am really very disappointed with the situation.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Re: Overcharged $5

                    I am sorry to read that, but I completely respect your feelings and can definitely see how if the order for discounts were different you'd save a little more. I will forward that feedback as well. I am speaking off the cuff here, but I believe that the conditional discounts are ordered prior to the promotional discounts -- in theory, more customers will have AutoPay > KickBack > a promo plan, so it may be a matter of running through the billing system in the most convenient way? Either way, we appreciate you taking the time to outline how this plays out on your bill. Thank you.


                    - Marissa