Is the Blackberry Keyone compatible with T-Mobile?


    My Blackberry Q 10 still is a great cell phone.


    But the connections through T-Mobile are getting from bad to worse. Sometimes (quite often) people wo call me even get the (wrong) message that I am no longer a subscriber.


    Therefore I am thinking of getting a Keyone.


    Here are my questions: Is the Keyone compatible with the T-Mobile network? Is it supported by the current network AND by the future network?


    Please let me know of any experiences and knowledges you might have.



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      • drnewcomb2

        There are at least four versions of the Keyone.  The specs on show that it has all the bands needed for T-Mobile, I don't know about VoLTE and other features.

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        • tmo_chris

          Do you happen to know what version you would be getting? You can compare its specs to our supported networks.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hey there, magenta2602482! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd been able to match up the version of the Keyone you'd be getting against the supported networks list that Chris linked above!


            - Marissa

              • magenta2602482


                thank you all for your messages.

                I have NOT bought a Keyone and thus do not know the version I would get.

                I was hoping that I could learn hear whether it is doable on T-Mobile. Not only now (with the current frecuency) but also with the future (5..) version.

                So far I did not get any clear answers - neither here nor from Blackberry. And even though I really-really like a phone with a physical keyboard, I am tempted to take something else.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Gotcha. I understand the hesitation. When it comes to bringing over devices that we don't retail ourselves, we're able to offer some guidelines for how to set the device up with generic T-Mobile APNs -- you can find more here: Bring your own device setup guide. That said, though, if we haven't had the chance to work directly with the manufacturer to ensure that the deice is set up to work with our network, we can't guarantee how it's going to interact for sure (hence the disclaimer included in that previous link).

                    Regarding the current network; you'd want to check the compatibility of the phone against the link that Chris provided above with the list of our network's bands. The future network ask is a little different -- it seems unlikely that a Non T-Mobile device would be compatible, as we're working with manufacturers now to get the new 600MHz spectrum included on upcoming devices that we'll retail. The phone looks awesome, though! I think the idea of a physical keyboard + Android 7 is pretty amazing. I agree with drnewcomb2 that at the very least, the device listed as BBB100-3 US V2 on Blackberry's site does seem to list all of the bands needed -- if you decide to move forward and get one, please let us know how it works out!


                    - Marissa