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Why does T-mobile continue to repeatedly lie about future coverage


    Hello I would like to know why I have been repeatedly lied to about how t-mobile is going to make there coverage better?

    Background: I became a T-mobile customer in the fall of 2016, I found out that there coverage was to weak in my home, so I called customer care and was issued a in house booster.  I was also told that they was doing the largest "modernization in my area that they had ever saw"  so my coverage would be great sometime in the future.  So I stay a costumer, because I had just bought a phone and lets face it the plans are awesome. 


    About three months later after getting sick of having no coverage in areas, T-mobiles partner in my area union wireless does not work phone calls rarely go through same with txts 2g data is none existent.  So I call them up again,  after talking with costumer support I am told that the modernization is still going on and they are positive that I will have great coverage soon, but they cant give me and exact date.  So since I have suffered this long I hang in there, whats a few more months, I mean T-mobile would be so awesome if only I just had what a cell company should be providing, SERVICE!    


    About three months after that (9 months as a costumer) I get on there Facebook messaging help chat (a very useful way to get help) I get asking again about the modernization, this person actually looks deeply into and says there not doing modernization on your tours that you use there doing it in Provo and Salt Lake OVER 100 MILES FROM WHERE I LIVE.  So I am ticked I have been lied to for nine months about a "modernization"  that turns out to be over 100 miles from me. So now I am told about a coverage map that shows what T-mobile coverage will be by the end of 2017. LTE Comparison Map | Compare Network Coverage | T-Mobile  So I get on there type in Altamont Utah and boom wow YAY I AM GOING TO HAVE GREAT COVEREAGE BY THE END OF THE YEAR YAY!  At the same time I read about the 600 mhz that is going to be released. This must be whats going to make my coverage awesome, so shoot I guess I will wait and see what happens.


    Fast forward a few months to today, I have read about how the 600mhz is going to require a new phone.  That ok I am willing to buy a new phone to stay with T-mobiles plans and have great coverage.  But when will my tower receive the 600mhz? Or the 700mhz? "My tower is running 2100mhz and 1700mhz 2010 technology."  So I message T-mobile on the facebook app to see when my tower upgrade would be.  I am told drum roll please ................   THEY ARE NOT CURRENTLY PLANNING ON DOING ANY TOWER UPGRADES ON MY TOWER!  Im sure you can imagine my chagrin.  So I asked how the heck do they plan on improving my coverage according to the coverage map by the end of 2017 without any tower upgrade?  He asks for the link of the map I was using  and looks at it.  He then proceeds to tell me that the map only are projections.  So essentially I am told that T-mobile can put what ever they want on the coverage map but since they put  in the fine print that its only a projection they cant be held responsible.


    What say you John Legere, What say you Neville R. Ray.  Is this how you run a company?  Trash talking the competition posting fake "projections" and your employees are lying to customers over and over just to keep them as customers?  

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      • You say something about "union wireless" being a partner in coverage meaning "roaming."  If you didn't have coverage at the time you signed up why sign up without T-Mobile being the home carrier?  Still you had 2 weeks to cancel. And yes expansion is growing and projections aren't promises. You get service for your area not for the rates alone. Awesome plans aren't awesome if you aren't covered. Buy service for the present not the future.

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          • deaminus

            1.  On T-mobiles map they show Union wireless as coverage partner.  Not roaming partner when I am on connected to there towers it does not say roaming. 

            2.  T-mobile map did show that I had coverage every place that I needed it, between the coverage partner and there tower I would be covered, I was fine with in some areas only having voice and txt but that was not the case.  I will have three to four bars of there coverage partner and still not be able to make or receive a call.

            3.  I had no clue that you could cancel in two weeks, its not like they tell you that when you sign up for there coverage.  So not knowing that and having invested money in two phones,  I contacted customer care, which is what most companies want you to do if you have a problem.

            4.  When you post a map of "projection coverage" you lead people to believe that there are planned upgrades for the towers or new towers coming online, not that we have no plans for tower upgrades and no new towers.

            5. I thought I was buying coverage for the present at the time.  Did I think there coverage would be as good as Verizon? Of course not.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey, deaminus. This is such a bummer to read from a customer nearing their one year anniversary with us -- we'd definitely rather be celebrating the milestone! It's awesome to read the shout out to our T-Force team, but disappointing to hear that we misled you regarding modernization in your area. We should be able to see internally where an upgrade is happening/whether there is one scheduled in the near future, and I'm sorry that we misspoke and advised there was an expansion planned for your location in error.

            The LTE comparison/projection map is a great high level overview of where we anticipate ending the year, and cool to look at the rapid improvement we've made in many areas over the past four years. But for general coverage review, our 4G LTE Coverage Map offers a current picture, shows more than just LTE coverage, and includes the ability to view the map with different devices selected as well as notes areas where partner coverage is filling a gap. I took a look on our internal map and do see Union listed as covering part of the area you mentioned -- when you spoke with us over the phone/through T-Force, did we let you know this info based on your address? Or are you in T-Mobile coverage at home (I noticed you mentioned you have a booster), but roaming when you leave home?
            Even though it's not our network, we can still file a ticket for roaming issues and report trouble back to the partner. The 2G experience and messaging issues you're having don't sound standard, and that's something that I think we'd do well to get a ticket filed for. We can do this through FB or Twitter! If you're frequently roaming, that may explain why you might have data woes, as domestic data roaming is limited. Have you ever received messages about reaching a domestic data roaming threshold? If not, then that sounds like an issue we'd like to get reported as well.

            Ultimately, I wish we could tell you that there were future enhancements planned in your area and give you an ETA for when coverage would be improved there -- that is obviously what you're looking for and I am sorry that we don't have that information. That's not to say that it isn't coming down the line; but it's not listed internally right now, and making promises based on speculation would be a huge disservice! What we do want to do is make sure that you're getting the best out of what we have to offer where you're located -- and that means that if you're having trouble with the partner network, we'd like to make sure that's reported!


            - Marissa

              • deaminus

                1. Thank you Marissa, T-mobile has the best trained and well spoken customer service I have ever encountered.  Its obvious that they both train and invest well in there customer service.

                2. I am in coverage at home but it was so weak to make it unusable. The in house booster solved that problem. Yes I am usually on Union wireless when I leave my home, depending on the direction I go.

                3. I just need to clarify that the 2g issues I am having is through union wireles, the T-mobile towers here do not have 2g radios.

                4. No I have never recieved any messages for domestic roaming data threshold, our phones will not roam, they will only connect to Union wireless, the data does not work with union wireless.  Before you ask yes the data roaming switch is on in network settings.

                5. I wish you could tell me better news about future coverage also, when I read how T-mobile was going to be installing the 600mhz on towers that don't have the 700mhz I was super excited since my tower doesnt have the 700mhz.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Hey, deaminus! Thank you so much for that compliment, and for the extra details. Can I ask what plan you're on and what devices your family are using? One thing I did notice on the customer facing map is that it looks like you'd need a phone compatible with a specific frequency to take advantage of the partner coverage there (from Union). It seems that most of the devices we've retailed in recent years are compatible, but I'd rather double check with you than encourage you to reach out to file a ticket for roaming coverage with no data if there's an equipment compatibility concern!

                    The 600MHz roll-out is underway, but will take some time to complete nationwide. If we had a schedule to consult I'd love to give you details! I will say that we don't typically see planning well in advance of this sort of added spectrum unless there's a potential for a negative customer impact. For example, when we've modernized towers by adding LTE but lowering the U1900, and there are certain devices that are 1900-only compatible, we know those details in advance so that we can notify and work with customers to offer affordable solutions for upgrading equipment so they're not rendered 2G-only after a change. I don't want to dash all of your hopes for 600MHz in your area, but I do have to be straightforward that we don't have plans listed -- at least not at this time. We don't want to lead you on, either -- which is why I'm hoping we can figure out a way to improve your current experience!


                    - Marissa

                    • tmo_chris

                      Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to read tmo_marissa's reply to you?

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Hi, deaminus! I just wanted to check back in here and see how things are going for you. We'd still love to know what devices you're using and what plan type you have, or whether you've already moved forward with filing a service inquiry for the roaming coverage in your area! How are you doing? Please let us know if we can still help here!


                    - Marissa

                    • magenta2642088

                      600mhz band 71 should make a big difference. The low band will allow for much broader coverage when compared to 1700,1900 etc. This will help a great deal with both rural coverage and indoor coverage. The icing on the cake is that the bandwidth TMobile will have to work with is very nice, much better than 700. With 700 5x5 seems to be the norm.  700 is good but their 31mhz average of 600 will be a great tool to have.


                      It will take some time to get it widespread since the cable companies have to vacate but TMobile has some very bright days ahead of them. Also, TMobile will have more low band spectrum per customer than any other carrier so speeds and capacity should be quite nice


                      Excellent future coverage is coming no doubt about it 

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                      • deaminus

                        I want to thank you T-Mobile people, after a year I have band 12! I am so excited! Thanks to all those who made it happen!