Problem with hookup promotion


    Hello, I switched to T-Mobile using a hookup code at the end of March. But the 20% reduction never got applied automatically, so in April and May I got charged the full 70$. Well, I thought it would take time to apply it and maybe show up after 1-2 months. In June I finally called custoomer support to find out what's going on. For June, July, August I was given those 14$ credit manually, after I called. Every time I was told it would be also applied in the future. But every month it lists the full amount (70$ instead of 56$), also in this month's statement.


    Is there a better way to get help on this? I think that calling again, at best, will give me the same result. I don't know what's up. I followed the instructions for that promotion. It's becoming frustrating.

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