Website UI bug: Account billing line items - empty value carries previous non-empty record.


    I can't seem to find any public issue tracker / bug reporting tool. The help / chat window is extremely limited and not suited to incident reporting.

    Do t-mobile reps visit this forum?


    Anyway, i have an issue with the account portal:



    My Account > Billing page > Current charges panel



    I have cancelled lines showing as line items in my "current charges" table.

    These should be null/zero fields, but they seem to carry through the amount from the line item above (incorrectly) instead of zero.

    The total at the bottom is correct, but for some reason, these fields seem to display the wrong value.

    This doesn't seem to be an issue in the PDF version of the bill.



    Cancelled line amount to reflect $0.00 (these lines were never used, and were only opened for new sim / porting.)

    Perhaps this is intentional functionality?


    Test condition:

    If a cancelled line has $0 charge, does it show $0 value if there are charges above it?

    Does the carry-zero issue apply to other zero-charge line-items beside cancelled lines?


    I don't particularly feel like posting a screenshot, as there's account details all over the place.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, murraybiscuit! Thanks for the feedback!
        I may be mistaken, but I believe this is expected during the cycle immediately following the port, but afterwards the temporary lines should fall off. There would be automatic adjustments to account for proration of temporary lines if needed, and proration of ported-in numbers as well -- so although you may see charges for both, the total should equal correctly to a charge for one line. If that's what you're seeing, then I think that everything is in order, although I can definitely appreciate that seeing those partial charges or zero charges would be less confusing!

        Can you let me know a little more about the timeline you're working with in this scenario? How long ago was the port completed, and when does your bill cycle close?


        - Marissa

          • murraybiscuit

            Thanks for the response, tmo_marissa.

            There's two issues here. Neither have to do with itemizing of nulled / refunded records on the billing statement.

            I don't think that the timeline of the statement is relevent either - the pdf version of the statement listed the same items, but listed the records correctly.

            I don't think that this is a big issue, but it's not difficult to fix either.


            Let me clarify the problem:


            1. On the customer portal, nulled records (cancelled lines) are carrying over a value from the record prior. This is possibly due to a value not being re-initialized in a template for() loop. Not only is the prior record carried over, but the total doesn't tally either.


            OMG Roaming fees!!!$500
            Line 1 (cancelled)$500
            Line 2 (cancelled)$500
            Total (huh?)$500


            From a user perspective, I would either expect to see an empty record value, or a debit, with a corresponding credit to indicate reversed charges.


            2. The pdf bill reflects these charges correctly:


            OMG Roaming fees!!!$500
            Line 1 (cancelled)-
            Line 2 (cancelled)-