Disable Caller ID when a line has One Plus?


    Possibly an odd question, but my husband has an iPhone with the One Plus plan, which includes Caller ID / Name ID automatically. The problem is that it masks the calling number when it comes from a number not in his contacts with whatever CID T-Mobile provides, when all he wants to see is the number of the caller.

    So the question is... is there any way for T-Mobile to disable or remove Caller ID / Name ID on a line that has One Plus? I can't seem to find any information anywhere, and the one rep I talked so said that we would have to remove Plus for that to happen. Seems odd to have to go to that extreme.

    Thanks for any assistance or clarity anyone here can provide!

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      • Because it's an added feature you would possibly want to keep that feature active. The number will be in the recent caller list in the phone app.


        However you can remove the feature if you really want to usually through the my T-Mobile app in profile and manage features and services tab or online at my T-Mobile.com. Removing the feature will not remove the plus part of the plan you do not have to change plans to remove the feature.

          • jasonaward

            The problem is that this isn't accurate.  There doesn't appear to be any way to unbundle Name ID through the app or the website.  It's really quite annoying that it's forced on us.

              • I'm still not seeing the real problem with the feature being included to begin with. If you were concerned about seeing the number that's calling you then you can see that number in the recent call list. I understand wanting to see the number on the screen while it is ringing.   The only other thing I can add is that there are multiple apps out there some of them may be able to display the number instead of the name. But I've seen this topic come up before and it is possible for T-Mobile to remove the feature and not change your plan.