Tmobile is consistant with network speeds but are terrible with pre-orders and delivery.


    I pre-ordered the note 8 on August 24th signed the agreement on the 24th did not receive any sort of messages until the 31st of August in email form saying within 24 to 48 hours I should see my agreement on my account, it shows nothing and today is Sep 8th! Meanwhile I know of at least 100 people that I know who have already received text messages shipping being charged, phones being shipped already a lot of them are getting the phone today Sep 8th and I'm sure a lot of other people I don't know are getting the phone today as well but I on the other hand haven't received a single thing yet I signed my agreement on the 24th and some of my friends didn t even sign it for 2 or 3 days after but they're getting phone before me! Makes a lot of sense t-mobile. My issue isn't about getting the phone cause I know I'll eventually get it but be consistent! I can show so many articles from well known reviewers from pocketnow, engadget, android authority etc.. that talk about about how bad the pre-order/delivery process is horrible for t-mobile.  

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