Get Visual Voicemail on iPhone without One Plus?




    Got a question about the T-Mobile One and One Plus plans.


    My partner and I signed up for the T-Mobile One plan back in July. She brought a Verizon iPhone 6 and I brought a new iPhone 6S from Apple (I was switching from Virgin Mobile).


    The guy at the store added One Plus, which includes mobile hotspot and HD video streaming, among other things. I didn’t really understand what he was saying until I got the first bill, which was $20 more than I anticipated ($10 for each line).


    I went ahead and cancelled the One Plus package for both phones, as we had no interest in those features. I now just discovered that Visual Voicemail is also a part of One Plus. I’m a little confused and irritated about this. I was under the impression that VVM is a feature of iOS, and not something the carrier controls. This was never an issue with both Virgin Mobile and Verizon. It just was there when we activated both phones.


    If I understood TM support correctly, if I cancel One Plus, I lose VVM; but I can activate just that alone for $4 a month. Shame on me, I guess, for not doing more homework, but I really honestly thought that VVM is just something that came with any iPhone by default, and not something your carrier charged extra for.


    Do I have all of this right? I have to pay *something* extra a month to get VVM on our iPhones as long as we use T-Mobile? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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      • VVM is in iOS. Voicemail to text is a part of ONE Plus and available as an add on to ONE. VVM is included with Android as well as a T-Mobile feature. VVM is an Apple feature. I have ONE and an iP7+ and have VVM.

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        • mattand08

          Hey, folks:


          Thanks to everyone who replied. My understanding of iOS VVM was like you folks are saying: it was a native feature to the iPhone. When we brought our devices to T-Mobile, though,  it initially didn't work. We were stuck with caveman-style voicemail that was keypad-driven: press "1" for new messages, "4" to delete, etc. I had to call T-Mobile to get it activated.


          That's what has me so irritated about seeing iOS VVM potentially being a feature T-Moible is charging for, when it shouldn't. It looks like I just have to sit tight and see what happens when the One Plus portion of our plan is cancelled next week. I'm going to follow up with my local T-Mobile store and Apple support. As is the case with a lot of my tech issues, this problem has been pretty Google-proof so far.


          Thanks again for everyone's help.

            • tidbits

              It's free and should work fine.  I did not pay for VVM on my iPhone 7+ while I had it.  I never had to pay for anything VVM related regardless of phone unless I wanted VM to text for Android(iOS has theirs built it through Apple servers).

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              • tmo_marissa

                Welcome, mattand08! I'm so sorry about any confusion we caused when reviewing the benefits included with One Plus. One Plus includes the feature Voicemail To Text, which is different from Visual Voicemail. For VVM, Android users use a T-Mobile branded app, and iOS users have the platform built in. One Plus is not a requirement to utilize VVM, although I do want to be up front about a known issue that we're dealing with at the moment where some (not all) iOS users aren't receiving MWI (message waiting indicators) for visual voicemail -- the root cause has been identified and Apple is preparing a fix, so the issue's expected to be resolved with an upcoming software update in Q3 (which we're in now ). I would hate for you to get a positive answer, only to turn around and have trouble without knowing what was going on!

                How is everything else going for you after switching?


                - Marissa

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                  • It should be noted that the message waiting indicator problem was identified to be connected with T-Mobile digits. Now there may be other outlying issues as to why others are not getting the message waiting badges however several of us once we unenrolled and removed digits were able to resume normal functions of our iPhones. And hopefully If there is a need for other rectification it comes with iOS 11 next week.

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                    • mattand08

                      Hey, Marissa:


                      Thanks for getting back to me. The One Plus option was cancelled as of Monday and we still have VVM on both iPhones, so we're good. Part of the problem was that the phone support guy wasn't clear about VVM on iOS vs Android; he did his best, but it probably wasn't in the script he was most likely following. The other issue is that when we switched, VVM was off by default for some reason. Since I had to have Tech support turn it on, I was getting the impression that VVM was paid option for iOS on T-Mobile.


                      I did find the toggle for some free options under Line Usage on the iOS app, so I think I can add back some of the other free services. I've been hesitating because the fine print mentions something along the lines that tax-inclusive plans will possibly be charged, which I think includes our plan. I'll follow up on that later.


                      Overall the switch has gone well. The unlimited plan is wonderful; not having to constantly search for a wifi network has been a surprisingly huge relief. One issue is that when I signed up in the store, I didn't realize that they were including the One Plus option. Part of that is on me, but if I had understood better, I'd have waved it right then and there.


                      The other issue is that I missed out on Autopay for the first month; again, not sure if that was something I needed to do the day of signing up. Other than that, everything's cool.

                      Thanks to you and everyone else on the thread who offered their help.

                        • tmo_marissa

                          Glad to hear that your VVM is still working! I'm sorry about both hiccups -- the lack of knowledge when we were discussing VVM on iOS vs Android, and it definitely sounds like we could have done a better job reviewing plan selections with you so that you weren't surprised to learn what we'd set up after the fact. :/ That said, I'm stoked that everything is going well now and really excited that you're getting good coverage and enjoying having everything unlimited! Coming from an older limited data plan myself (I kept a grandfathered plan for way too long), I have to say that having switched our family to ONE has been awesome, so I can definitely relate. We were all usually under the 10GB limit on our lines, but I had no idea how often we were thinking about it until we didn't have to anymore!

                          Thanks for coming back to let us know how you're doing, and welcome again!


                          - Marissa