Totally unhappy


    First off there has been a number of fraudulent activity on my mother's and I Tmobile account. I have been calling in since April almost every week, instead of doing anything about it Tmobile has just been going along like nothing is happening. First there was a tablet falsely opened under our account. Then there were 2 Galaxy S8 phone opened under our account. Recently someone tried to finance equipment under our account but it was returned and then we were charged a $20 return fee which i called in and got it reversed. Now all of this is happening and instead of closing our account to start fresh they openly allowed other fraudulent activity to transpire on the account. So of lately since the beginning of August there have been Fraudulent cards being charged through the Automated system towards our account without the knowledge of my mother nor I. I've been telling Tmobile that those cards being used are not mine nor my mothers but they didn't nor don't seem to care because the bill is being paid . Today i spoke with a David. M and his supervisor Ashley. L and they stated that they can reverse the charges but my mother and I would still have to pay for the total amount of the charges. Ashley stated that it was the fault of the person making the automated payments to the account and not Tmobile. I'm confused by that because once I called in to complain about the very first fraudulent charge did it not become a Tmobile problem now she wants my mother and I to pay for something that was absolutely not our fault. They were very unprofessional and Ashley hung up on me. I'm tired of Tmobile and their unprofessional Customer Representatives that speak from a piece of paper or a telecomp. and are very insensitive to what the customer is actually saying to them.

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