What is up with T-Mobile Customer Support? should I stay or go?


    Back story: On September 7th I went into the store to do an upgrade on several phones in my household. I have been with T-Mobile for years now but now it seems the right had does not know what the left hand is doing... One of the phones I was upgrading to is the Note 8. This order has been a bad experience. The store sent the Equipment agreement to 2 different email addresses and it just would not go. they decided that it was just the system being backed up and to give it a while. The emails did not come until about 20 hours later, and when they did come your system would not let me sign them (yes it was from a regular computer NOT my phone). Kept giving me an error. I called the store and the person that answered the phone was short and said basically it was not the stores problem and I had to call customer service. I called customer service, sat on hold for a while, finally got an agent, verified everything with the agent, sat on hold a while longer then was finally told that they were doing a feature upgrade to the system and that I should keep trying. She told me a supervisor would be following up with me and even scheduled a time. The supervisor NEVER followed up even though they gave me a 1 hour window that the supervisor would call me. I called back AGAIN, customer service resent the agreement and I was able to sign it. At this point I found out the "Delivery date" the store rep gave me was actually the ship date.There is a big difference of about 7 days! The store people need to be told the difference.I called Customer service and asked about this and they said it was too late and it could not be changed.


    I am still in the return period for all my phones, so tell me, after 8 years of service with T-Mobile, with customer service like this, why should I stay? your competitors are not that much more expensive, have just as good of coverage, and some,it would appear,have better customer service.

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