LG G3 Beat, data suddenly stopped working?


    One of our phones had the data suddenly stop working last month.


    It still shows plenty of high speed data left, right now showing 11 mb used out of 5 GB.


    The others phones are fine even when it's right next to it, so it's not signal. Changing the sim card to another phone the days works fine too, so I assume it's the phone.


    But, even after factory reset, it's still not working.


    Support was beyond pointless.. chat told be that I needed to contact Amazon to have the phone unlocked... Because that makes any sense at all on a phone that I've had working fine for a year and half and purchased unlocked? And all calling in did was check the apn page was right and then proceed to offer to transfer me so I could buy a new phone.


    I'd kind of prefer to just get the one I've already got back to the way it was working until recently.


    Anyone actually got any idea of what might have gotten changed on the phone to fix it back?

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