DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback


    I am happy to report that iOS DIGITS app version 1.1.7 finally fixed the DIALER issue. Much relief. The original update was promised last week sometime 8/29 but it got delayed. But I believe this time dev team finally tested their software before releasing it to public. Also inactive issue seems to be resolved. Will keep on updating if I see anything new.


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      • debjitjdv

        Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback

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        Major problem remains.


        1. Even if Minutes and Data mode is selected, call is being routed over data.

        2. If by chance call gets routed over Minutes mode using SIM minutes, the +1-413-XXX-XXXX number takes upto a minute to appear.

        3. If by chance somehow, +1-413-XXX-XXXX appears, call does not connect or becomes one way.


        Video link will be sent to tmo_chris tmo_marissa since it shows my personal phone number and other information.

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        • tareddie

          Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback

          I am having horrible issues since 2 updates ago.


          I constantly get Failed to Authenticate phone and I have 2 tickets open with T-Force, phoned 3 times to the support department and now I have a reply on the app review itself that I left explaining the issue but NOT ONE SINGLE person can fix this issue.


          It seems that when you delete the app it does super crappy cleanup and leaves stale old data behind or something.  I've tried removing and rebooting and reinstalling 100 times and nothing and it doesn't work on iPad either.  Same exact issue so there is something wrong with my account on the backend or there is something totally screwed with the app on 2 devices.  I got it working on a brand new iphone 7 plus that had not had it in the past but the other 2 devices will not work.  It did work before however so that is the CRAZY part of it.


          Seems I'm just screwed and can't have digits on my other 2 devices because honestly at this point with well over 50 hours in troubleshooting on the phone, online, and on twitter it seems noone can fix it or just noone cares.

            • tareddie

              Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback

              This issue was resolved.  Just in case others may experience something like this make sure you have not had your primary number change recently.  If it does you need to let them know that because there was something in the backend that was still trying to auth the old number and not my new one.


              Thanks to Wade for calling me and resolving the issue!

            • Debjitjdv (who is an outstanding contributor to this site) copied me on a recent post concerning Digits. 


              Where we last left off, I was abandoning Digits. That decision followed months of attempting to give feedback only to see no progress in the ongoing Digits dilemma of glitches, bad programming and headaches.


              In the interim, I have activated Google Hangouts and it has been working splendidly.  A+ grade.


              Based on Dibjitjdv's message, I decided to attempt to see what progress --- if any --- TMobile has made in addressing the Digits dilemma.


              Refreshingly, there seem to be a COUPLE (couple as in a small number) of fixes that have been rolled out in the latest Digits release.  I will address those as follows:


              1.) The best first: Digits now has an app which is downloadable onto a Mac or PC. This really is fantastic.  You can easily get all your phone calls RIGHT ON YOUR COMPUTER!!! (when Digits works which still is not reliably something you can count on). This really is a great breakthrough.  Text messages and phone calls from all your TMobile lines ring right on my MacBook Pro.  This is really a stellar upgrade and on this component, TMobile gets an A+ grade.


              2.) The dialer problem appears to be fixed.  Great news.  That it took weeks to address is still pathetic. TMobile is offering a Digits program but the dialer doesn't work and won't dial the numbers you need to reach?  And it takes weeks to fix?  Thanks for the fix but the time lag in addressing this is pretty dopey.  But the dial now seems to work. Great.  Very positive.


              Now moving forward.  What STILL doesn't work?


              1.) DIGITS IS STILL NOT RELIABLE.  Today I was sitting on my MacBook.  I have 4 TMobile lines.  My computer was on (with the Digits app running).  My iPhone7 was on and in the charger charging up and my Alcatel was also on and in a charger charging.  Assuming an incoming call, I should have had THREE pieces of technology responding. 


              Call came into the Alcatel line.  What happened?  Alcatel phone rang.  MacBook App did not identify the call and did not ring.  iPhone7 did not identify the call and did not ring.


              Essentially NONE of the Digits apps on any of the Digits computer/phones worked.  The call only rang on the phone it was suppose to ring on.  Had I been out traveling and had my iPhone7, it would have not received the call.  In other words, Digits once again was not reliably working.


              Lines still turn themselves on and off at THEIR will on Digits devices with no explanation as to why.  Digits is still NOT reliable.


              2.) Phone Book Nightmare.  I've raised this problem so many times I want to vomit.  Digits has NO BUSINESS screwing around with your phonebook. Yet it does.  It adds its own phonebook entries whenever it wants.  This is unacceptable.  I have found a way to address this now which is to go into my iPhone settings and restrict the Digits app from having ANY access to the phonebook.  This solves the problem but is obviously not the way Digits is suppose to work.  I've reported this problem for months.  TMobile has done nothing to fix the problem.  Ever.


              Previously, I put Digits into my "junk app" file and retained it on my iPhone.  Then I deleted it altogether out of frustration. Based on some of the fixes and my solution to LOCK the Digits app OUT OF MY PHONEBOOK, I am returning the Digits app to my "junk app" folder.  This is a promotion after I had just totally deleted it before.  It is improved but it still has A LONG WAY TO GO TO BE CONSIDERED A PROPERLY FUNCTIONING APP.


              Now, let me add a little perspective on all of this as I conclude.  I'm not trying to rip on TMobile.  TMobile is the best carrier in the business.  TMobile gets HUGE credits for coming up with the idea of Digits.  TMobile does more for me that any other carrier could even come close to matching. On the whole, TMobile gets an A+ grade (if you add Digits in, the grade drops to an A- ... just kidding). Again, I'm not trying to be someone who is here to rip on TMobile.  But with that said, there are problems here on Digits that have been reported ad nauseam and we still don't have full solutions.  TMobile is not living up to their potential by ignoring these issues and not addressing them.


              Thanks Debjitjdv for thinking of me.  And hopefully someone at TMobile will FINALLY take the constructive criticism in this message and act on it and fix the flaws in Digits.


              Thanks all.

                • debjitjdv

                  Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback



                  Thanks for your words. It means a lot and I am humbled. We will make them listen. DIGITS 1.1.7 update came at a gap of 2 weeks. I believe this time they did a proper testing before releasing it.


                  evanmf, tmo_chris, see, tomodell  is back. He is enthusiastic like me and we are trying to help to make a ground breaking product better and better. Please make sure engineering and dev team gets these words that we can give you the problem symptoms as testers, but they need to fix it. A netflixonus  (frankly John, Mike, and Neville can shout all they can about NetFlix but there is a large portion of customers like me who are on Simple Choice and can't get that promo. So NextFlixOnUs is really not an UNCARRIER move or deal breaker as it seems to be. NetFlixOnUs will cause liquid money to flow out of T-Mo whereas DIGITS is a technology which can help T-Mo to get tons of liquid money to support those lucrative eye-popping NetFlix offers) may be a good promo to attract new customers but that's not the backbone of a wireless telecommunication company like T-Mobile. DIGITS is. So make DIGITS solid and reliable so that people can reliably and faithfully use it. Me, tomodell  will always be here and our loyalty is solid.

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                    • debjitjdv

                      Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback



                      One of my observation is that the Android app is much more reliable and less broken. Surprisingly, Android app's dialer never got broken and is much faster than the iOS app. I use it my Nexus 6 and so far so good. The only thing does not work in Android app is the line identification. I am not surprised that your Alcatel received the call which is obviously an Android device.

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                        • Dear debjitjdv: I believe Android will win the war in the end.  Apple under Tim Crook is not the company it was under my hero Steve Jobs. Still, Apple today continues to make ... hands down ... the best HARDWARE in the business.  You simply cannot compare the iPhone7 with anything else because everything else pales in comparison.  Now with that said, if you were to look at my iPhone, you would laugh because there is far more Google apps and software on it than Appleware.


                          Google Apps on my iPhone?


                          Google Drive

                          Google Keep

                          Google Hangouts

                          Google Meet

                          Google Duo

                          Google Allo

                          Google Search App

                          Google Chrome

                          Google Assistant

                          Google Newsstand

                          Google Music

                          Google YouTube Red

                          Google YT Music

                          Google Docs

                          Goooge Sheets

                          Google Slides

                          Google Photos

                          Google Maps

                          Google Calendar

                          Google Plus

                          Google Trusted Contacts

                          Google Admin

                          Google Translate

                          Google Snapseed

                          Google Photoscan


                          80 total apps and 25 of them Google?  That's a lot of Google real estate.


                          Google is winning the software battle.  If Apple slips on making outstanding hardware and Google can get a hardware partner who makes truly amazing Android hardware, Google can overtake Apple.  I believe that is just a matter of time and I'm a pretty diehard Apple guy.


                          By the nature of the Google strategy (open architecture) versus Apple strategy (walled garden), it does not surprise me that Digits may work better on Android. I believe that ANY app designer probably has an easier time making apps for Android than iPhone. There are good reasons for Apple's strategy and this is not the place to debate that.  TMobile know what they're up against in designing an app for the iPhone. They need to get with the program.  If Digits screws up the phonebook on iPhone because of architecture issues, then TMobile need to go around that and limit address book data to ONLY be accessed through the Cloud. If there are problems maintaining connectivity with either Android or iPhone, TMobile must either adjust customer expectations or fix their product.  IT IS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE TODAY THAT CALLS MAY OR MAY NOT BE RELIABLY ANSWERED BY DIGITS. This needs to be fixed and needs to be fixed pronto.


                          I've got Digits loaded to my iPhone today but I do not view it as stable, dependable software.  We've been telling them what the problems are for months.  They've yet to convince me that they are truly listening.


                          The folks at TMobile do some truly amazing stuff for me. I could list a long line of things I am delighted with TMobile about.  Digits has yet to get to that list.  I hope someday it does.

                            • debjitjdv

                              Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback

                              I totally agree with you Sir tomodell  . Google just needs a Hardware Partner. Google Android phones are more of an assembly, unlike Apple hardware where everything is integrated closely. There are amazing hardware manufacturers that produce Android hardware like Samsung (displays, the memory chip), Qualcomm (RF receiver, LTE modem, finger print sensor, BT, wifi modem) but they are fragmented. The funny thing is that in the upcoming iPhone X, Apple will be heavily relying on Samsung for OLED display because Samsung is the undisputed king of display technology, for LTE modem it will be Intel / Qualcomm, for the memory chip. Sandisk / Samsung.


                              The close integration of A series SoCs and the iOS that makes thing easier for Apple. Apple also does assembly but in a tighter way. iPhone 7 may be a good piece of hardware, but Pixel is no less. Pixel smoked away iPhone camera by several points in DxOMark. I think if Qualcomm makes their Snapdragon a little better, more consistent with Android core, I think Android phones will be much much better. Also, a close and tight control on iOS and sandboxing in iOS environment allows a better experience possibly.


                              But yes, Google is no behind, They are coming after Apple. Apple has already losing Software stuff to Google.


                              Also, for me, T-Mo does lots of fascinating things about which I can talk whole day and still it won't end. Their customer service via Twitter is simply best. I am not sure why are they struggling with DIGITS so much.


                              PS: I did not see Google Gmail in your app list though.

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                      • gzgg99

                        Re: DIGITS iOS Version 1.1.7 Feedback

                        1.1.7 Is working better for me.  For now, I'm still carrying 2 phones (and bearing the expense of purchasing a 2nd phone and plan) in order to have a reliable solution for my work number.  I've got Digits installed on my iPhone and the Digits number using the native integration on an S8+.  Once the iPhone rings every time the Samsung does, I'll cancel the Samsung service.


                        For now, 1.1.7 seems to ring almost every time, but I did notice something strange.  I made a test call to repeat this and it happens a lot.  When the caller hangs up (I didn't answer the call), the iPhone continues to ring for several minutes.  The Samsung stops ringing immediately.


                        To the iPhone/Apple comparison to Googe Android.  I agree.  The iPhone just works.  I will say that if I could run IOS (as stable as it is on an iPhone) on the Galaxy S8+, I'd do it in a heartbeat.  I like that phone more than the iPhone 7+.  Better screen in my opinion and the edge to edge display is nice too...no bezel.  Now Apple may announce that today, but for over $1,000 - that's a lot of money.