LG Aristo app bug


    I bought this Aristo in may of this year and to make a long story short ill be on the phone and my lookout app will re enable it self..I've contacted T MOBILE, Google and look out and they all said the same thing they cant help me get this app off the phone because its a built in Security app..I do not use Lookout I use Comodo  its a lot better and I trust it a lot more. I have considered the look out app a bug because I have it disabled it ,there's  no permissions granted, notifications are blocked, and it is set to where its not suppose to modify the system settings. Since July 27th of 17 the app has used 1.12 MB of data I thought that if you turned everything off on an app it was not suppose to use data. I am done with Android if they cant get this bug fixed then I'm going to go back to old school and get me a flip phone until they fix this.my wife has the look out app on her phone the has it disabled on hers and she has no problem with it re enabling it self on the main screen like I do.sh also has an older LG LEON with a different android version on it any suggestions on what I can do with this P.O.S will help,and once I get my flip phone this one is going in the Trash 

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