Asus TM-AC1900: what if I don't have a phone with Wifi calling?


    I just started with Tmobile.


    I have spotty poor coverage in my home and I was sent the WiFi CellSpot Router to use with my two LG G4s. Found out that it is very similar with my netgear router but gave is a shot anyway.

    After playing with it for awhile I found out that the only way to use it is if I enable WIfi calling on my phones. Problem is I don't have that option on my phones.

    So I called tmobile again (your support people are very friendly by the way) who confirmed that without wifi calling the Asus will not be of any help for me. He said he was sending me another device that will boost the signal in my home without the need for wifi calling. I received the package and to my surprise its an Asus TM-AC1900 (again).

    Am I missing something? Is it possible to boost the signal in my home with this router without using wifi calling?


    Thank you


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