Native Digits Support - Note 8 - Broken




    I've been having a... Of a time. New to Tmo, day 6. Came to Tmo for digits, it was a big factor in me leaving Verizon.


    In everything I speak of here I'm talking about the NATIVE built in digits use using Samsungs own messaging app to access digits features. The digits app, if installed, functions 100% perfect BUT these Samsung's are sold as advertised as having digits baked in and that's how I want to utilize digits. I DO NOT want to have to rely on another application etc.


    I took advantage of TMO BOGO on a S8+ and N8. Got the S8+ Sunday and had a plethora of issues getting native digits to send messages from my digit line using native Samsung messages app. Messages sent from my digit line would just hang... And not send. Finally the issue was sent on to digits engineering team. Issue has since, finally been resolved - albeit no communication was sent to me let me know   .


    Fast forward... My Note 8 showed up Thursday. Now, my digits issues start ALL over.


    When I receive a text to my DIGIT number using native Samsung Messages app, I get a message notification showing the message was received on the phones Sim card number, not the digit number message was sent to. If I wait a little bit, I get another notication for the message being received by the digits line. Message stays in inbox as having been received by both numbers ???


    Get digits support on the phone, we do all the basic troubleshooting, remove digits, restart, log out, log in, resetup etc etc. Didn't work. Finally talked to someone else in digits support and they were apparently aware of a issue with multi line setting on ONLY NOTE 8 Samsungs software causing this issue with not showing notification/message tied to correct phone number. They assured me it was a software issue Samsung themselves would have to address and I could do nothing but wait for a software update; they advised me to use digits application in the meantime.


    Me being me refused to be defeated and read up on digits on internet. I realized sim card swap hadn't been tried. Have Twitter support swap sim card to a extra new one I had. I reset up digits and like magic, I'm receiving notifications correctly - messages received show which number message was received on correctly. If a text gets sent to digit number it identifies itself correctly as having came that number. YAY I FIXED IT!! Phone proceeds to appear to load messages from digit account and boom, I send another text from a different phone to my digit number and Bam, same issue showing message was sent to my sim card number and not the digit number message was really sent to. I get a text on digit number, it shows message came to sim number then shortly after message duplicates itself and at that point identifies itself as a message to digits line.


    So SO frustrating. What other troubleshooting can be done? Is it indeed a bug in Samsung Software? Is a setting on TMO end borked? Is anyone else with note 8 having digits issues? Digits still works 100% correctly on my S8+ now but refuses to do same for my Note 8.


    I would've posted this in digits forum but it's like it wouldn't allow me to post there?


    Please, I welcome any and ALL help. Really need confirmation this is or isn't a issue waiting on Samsung to address?


    Please advise?





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