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    Anyone having coverage issues in downtown Seattle?  I have had HORRIBLE service in downtown Seattle (specifically near Stewart Street) in the last several months.  My coverage has significantly declined since since the construction of this new hotel on Olive/Stewart Street which is a few blocks away from me.  My office is by a window and at times my phone will have no service at all!  I've even received a cellular signal booster from T-mobile and that has not helped.  Seems to be a problem with T-mobile only.  I borrow my husband's Verizon hot spot and when I use that I have no problem at all.  Co-workers who are on Verizon have no problem at all...only the employees who have T-mobile!  So frustrating....what am I paying T-mobile for if I can't even get cellular in a major city!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta2561004!


        You should have a strong signal in the Seattle area. However, I checked out the coverage on Stewart St and can tell you exactly what's happening - there are three towers that are undergoing modernization which should be completed near the end of this month to the middle of October. Most of the construction on the sites began in June which sounds like the same exact time frame you mentioned when you started realizing the signal degradation. If for some reason you don't see a difference come the middle of October, we'll need you to get in contact with our Tech Support team to file a service request ticket with them, but I'm pretty sure the completion of construction will do the trick.

          • magenta2561004

            I sure hope you are right.  I've contacted Tech Support on this issue several times and no one has mentioned that to me.  Only thing they have told me is that yes, the signal along Stewart St is very weak.  Which I already knew since my phone will state "NO SERVICE" or "E"!  Therefore, I CANNOT send a text, I have missed phone calls and streaming music and/or the internet is totally out of the question!  In essence, what you have confirmed is that I have been paying for a service that I am unable to use for the majority of my work day!  Seems as if T-mobile owes me a compensation credit on my account for this HUGE and frustrating inconvenience since I cannot get service on my phone!

              • tmo_amanda



                I'm not sure why this hasn't been brought up before and I'm sorry for that. I know it's incredibly important to be able to rely on your cell signal no matter the time of day. While we would love to be able to guarantee coverage at all times in every location, we can't. When you talked with tech support, was a ticket ever filed with our Engineering team on your behalf?

                  • magenta2561004

                    Yes a ticket was made and that is why they gave me the T-Mobile signal booster.  However, that has not helped since signal only works when I'm in my office.  Also, assuming I get a signal, sometimes even that is spotty as well and will reduce down to no service!  In addition, once I walk out to a different section of the floor, BOOM no signal!   Despite the ticket being created, no one mentioned anything about cell towers being upgraded.   All they confirmed is that yes your signal at the location you provided is very low.  Which is obviously what I already knew.  All my colleagues who have Tmobile have the same issue.  However, all my Verizon colleagues no trouble at all!  I switched from Verizon a couple years ago.  If I don't see a change by the end of October, I already plan on switching carriers since this is ridiculous.  You state T-Mobile can't guarantee coverage everywhere?  I am in Downtown Seattle a MAJOR booming city!  Amazon's headquarters is one block away from me and I can't get a signal?  I'm not in the middle of no where...Tmobile's headquarters is 20 minutes from my location.  Not being able to get a signal and my phone stating NO SERVICE when Im standing by a window is unacceptable!

              • miket

                In the meantime - can you make use of TM's wifi calling feature?  It is actually the default setting calling method on several phones.

                  • magenta2561004

                    Yes I use the wifi calling feature when I have access to borrow a VERIZON hot spot.  That is the only time my TMOBILE line works like normal when I'm using the wifi calling feature.  Unfortunately, I don't always have access to use the VERIZON'S portable hot spot.   Since I have no problem when connected to Verizon's line, I have been considering switching back.  Thank you for the suggestion though!

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Hi there!


                    I'm just stopping by to see if this was taken care of. A service complaint is the right step to help get this resolved. Please keep us updated on this. Thanks!

                      • magenta2561004

                        As of today it's not resolved.  A couple months ago, I contacted tech support and they submitted a service ticket.  Response was that they confirmed signal is low on this block (a downtown city block) and they provided a signal booster which has not helped.  In addition, signal booster confines me to my office.  I walk around in different parts of the floor and I will lose service.  My phone will actually state NO SERVICE. 


                        Is contacting tech support and creating a ticket the same as a service complaint?  If not, how do I submit a service complaint?


                        My building has several different agencies.  Anytime I see someone by the window trying to get service I ask them do you have Tmobile?  Unfortunately, the answer is always yes.


                        I have to borrow VERIZON's portable hotspot and that is the only time I can walk around the office and get full usage of my phone (i.e, internet, email, and/or text).

                          • miket

                            I think you said your office doesn't have wifi you can use.   Signal boosters only work if there is a signal to boost. 

                              There are lots of office bldgs. where signals don't/can't penetrate.  However, I think you said signal outside on street is bad.

                            • tmo_mike_c

                              Yes, our tech care teams do file service complaint tickets so you did the right thing. If they were filed a few months ago, we'd need to have them create a new one to see if engineers can take another look at this area. As for the booster, that's correct. You'll need some signal near a window in order for it to work for you. My apologies. We should have made sure we asked you that before sending it.

                                • magenta2561004

                                  Yes the signal booster is sitting on my office window and seems to help at a minimum as long as I'm sitting in my office.  Even then service can be spotty and it will lose a signal.   Unfortunately, connecting to work wifi is not an option for me.   Amanda the other lady from Tmobile in this thread stated the poor service is due to cell towers being upgraded.  Shall I assume she is giving me the correct information?  I was going to wait till mid-October to see if service has improved.  If not, I plan to explore my options at that time.

                                    • tmo_mike_c

                                      You definitely have the booster set up properly but with upgrades being done on our towers, it'll still impact your service. I just don't have a time frame I can give for the upgrades. It's still worth having are Tech folks file a service complaint but ultimately coverage improvements are gonna be the way to go to handle this.

                                      • sainteshu

                                        My T-Mobile service has been horrible for the last 8 months when leaving work in the south lake union area and heading up to Capital Hill on Denny. It's always around 4p-7p which I am guessing is because of the crowds traffic during those hours. However my co-workers on Sprint and Verizon have no such problems. I can't use any part of t-mobiles service when on the bus going home and if I am walking i can only get a text message out. Also it's the only place my phone will drain a battery very fast due to it searching for a good connection. basically for 2 hours, 5 days a week my service is useless.

                                • magenta8757190

                                  After two years, nothing has improved. I don't think T-mobile is willing to fix the coverage issues in its hometown.

                                  • digimike

                                    I have been having similar issues for a number of years now. Very frustrating. I remember never having any trouble, then all of a sudden, one day my signal was almost non-existent. I work in the Denny Triangle/South Lake Union area. You'd think that in a major "tech" city like Seattle (and T-Mobile's home base, to boot) this would be a non-issue. You'd be wrong. My signal is weak and unreliable just about everywhere in the downtown core.