Will DIGITS import SMS history at initial setup?


    When one enables digits for the first time, will SMS history be imported?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, serpentine! Good question! So good, in fact, that I had to ask a colleague to test this using the DIGITS app for Android on his Nexus. DIGITS stores messages for a short time in the cloud, so at least in our experience, it loaded some messages and call details, but not the entire historical message thread. Have you had a chance to test this out yet?


        - Marissa

          • serpentine

            Thanks, I have tried and did a brief test (over a short 24 hour period).  I have a Galaxy S8, which can integrate with DIGITS natively.  I decided I would like to opt out of DIGITS, because it may not be the best fit for me now, but would like to have the option to try again in the future.  What I found, when trying to disable DIGITS disturbed me.


            In order to enable DIGITS on the Galaxy S8 you must first enable multi device in the profile section of My-TMobile.  From there you can "unlock" native OS features which get provisioned and pushed to your device.  Then you can "manage" DIGITS.  I also had to setup the multi-line support in the device OS.


            I logged in via the web and registered.  The interface was pretty neat.  I sent and received a few text messages, saw how it synced, even made a call.  It's worth noting that for the first 12 - 18 hours ZERO text messages that occurred prior to opting in to DIGITS synced. NONE.


            Here is where my problem begin.  I unregistered from web based DIGITS, and logged out.  I attempted to relock my device, basically undo the provisioning of the Multi-Line support, but the web says it cannot be deleted.  I logged out on my device.  I then disabled multi-line support.


            The next day I repeated the enable process, and interestingly enough ALL of my text activity since I opted in for DIGITS magically appeared.  Again, worth noting that no text messages from prior to opting in to DIGITS ever appeared.  Here is where my concern is.  Why is it, that after I disabled and logged out, my texts were still being synced behind the scenes? They were at the ready when I opted back in.


            When I called to request that my account be reset, so that it looked the way it did before I opted in, I was told that is not possible.  I received some conflicting and disturbing information as well.  I was told that my history should sync when I opt in, which still hasn't happened, and on this forum advice to the contrary was given.  The reason I mention this and asked my initial question is because this history syncing tidbit was offered to me suggesting that my texts messages are already being synced.  In other words, it's already happening and all I am doing is enabling the view into it.


            I was also told that opting out would stop the syncing, which I basically proved did not happen.  I was also told that the initial sync happens when you re-register, that it pings the device and downloads from the SIM.  Well, I tested again, and even with the phone off, it synced after I opted out, logged out and disabled multi-line support.


            In the end I was basically told that the only way to "shut it off" was for TMobile to do something on their end, which sounds an awful lot like blocking my access to the front end, so that if I opt back in I won't see any synced text messages.  It really gave me no comfort at all that my texts aren't being synced to some other server or database.


            The problem with all of this is that it was not disclosed to me.  If it was, I'd like to see it.  This is a major privacy concern for me.

            What assurances are there that my texts are not being stored without my consent?


            Thank you.

              • tmo_marissa

                Hi, serpentine! I'm so sorry, I misspoke. The colleague I had test -- tmo_mike_c -- had previously used DIGITS, but logged out, so when he logged back in, he did get messages. After tapping another resource, we were wrong - when you initially permission DIGITS for the very first time, you will not have historical message syncing. However, afterwards (as you've seen), messages do sync -- but they are secure. We use the same leading level of security and encryption for DIGITS calls and messages (and the same Advanced Messaging system) as we do for traditional T-Mobile calls and messages.

                Since DIGITS is part of the core network, all lines are DIGITS, so once you've opted in you'll be able to see some history any time you log back in.


                - Marissa

            • tidbits

              Yes and no.  I believe if the phone has it integrated the last few messages will show up, but not all of it.  If there is no integration then it will not show up in the messaging app.

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