Note 8 setup is broke (at least for me)


    Was excited to receive my Note 8 today. Started to set up up and that's where the fun ended. Set up wifi and added Google account. Got to the screen where it asks if you want to restore from the last device seen on the account (my Note 4) or skip. Of course I wanted to restore and when I selected that, it went to a black screen w/ white bar at bottom with a back arrow in bottom left and at that point it froze, waited 10 min in case it was doing something in background and then had to restart.


    Called T-Mobile support and the rep had no idea what was going on. And if you skip that step where you can choose the device to back up from, you can't do it after the fact.


    Called Samsung support and they had me remove all accounts and do a factory reset (on a device that has been out of the box for an hour...) Try again and same thing, no clue as to why this is happening.


    So here I am, brand new Samsung flagship phone, fresh out of the box and setup is broken... So any thoughts, has anyone else had this issue?

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