Digits support line 844-889-5651 doesn't work


    On this website for digits : T-Mobile DIGITS | Unsubscribe for Public Beta


    The phone number doesn't work.


    We’re sorry to see you go!


    You can request to be removed from the beta program at any time by contacting customer care at 1-844-889-5651 (service available: 3:00am – 10:00pm PST).

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      • tmo_marissa

        Yikes! Thanks for calling this out, hawaiibee, we need to get this updated. Our dedicated DIGITS line for the public Beta has been decommissioned since DIGITS has now launched. You can work with our tech team regarding any DIGITS concerns - just Contact Us!
        First, though, I'd love to just make sure we're not sending you away -- though we can't help with account related concerns like removing a DIGITS line, we are happy to help troubleshoot if you're having difficulty. Is your DIGITS concern something we can help you with here in the Community?


        - Marissa