Official Apple (2017) Pre-order & Discussion Thread




    Has it been a whole year already?




    T-Mobile will be opening up pre-orders for the iPhone 8, the 8 Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 3 September 15th! This is the place to chat with the few, the proud, the insanely stoked about the next generation of iPhones.


    We're excited to hear just which amazing detail of the 8 and 8 Plus you're most looking forward to - but there's no need to camp out by the door with your face pressed to the window. You can find out when your new phone will arrive by following these steps. You can also always take a peek here to get the latest updates on our shipping estimates.


    Those of you who may have stumbled here looking for the iPhone X, we're sorry to dash your hopes and dreams, but you'll have to wait just a little longer. Pre-orders for the iPhone X will begin on October 27th, but in the meantime you can stay in the know by scoping out our iPhone Launch Center, or by asking questions in the Official iPhone X Pre-order and Discussion Thread!


    Still have questions? Need more information? Any concerns? Our Community Managers are standing by! Log in and ask away!

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      • extremevl

        I currently have Jump On Demand with an iPhone 7 Plus and I want to get the new iPhone X but anything besides the lowest price model is asking for a down payment which are pricey -


        T-Mobile iPhone upgrade program will make it easy to move to next year's new model - TmoNews


        If I decided to do T-Mobile new iPhone upgrade program how would that work?


        Does the T-Mobile iPhone upgrade program also include a down payment like the Jump On Demand and EIP options?


        Do I need to finish my Jump On Demand lease with my 7 Plus first?


        Thank you!

          • gramps28

            That link is for upgrading the 8,8S and X to the next year's iPhone since basically doesn't have band 71 in this year's model.

              • extremevl


                  • gramps28

                    T-Mobile is making it easier to buy this years model since next years model will have band 71.

                      • extremevl

                        I don't think T-Mobile is making pricing better because the new iPhones don't have band 71, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 doesn't have it either and that doesn't seem to be big deal seeing how the pre-orders sales have been insane.


                        I also heard that band 71 won't even be nation wide until 2019 and its rolling out to rural areas first, plus I don't think the average consumer even knows about band 71.


                        I was just trying to get answers to the questions in my first post but thank you for the information

                          • tmo_amanda

                            Hey, extremevl!


                            I'm sorry that we're just now getting back to you. Let me answer each of your questions:


                            1. Pricing for the iPhone X on JOD hasn't been announced just yet. The only pricing that has been announced for the iPhone X is the full retail price (FRP) and equipment installment plan (EIP).
                            2. As for T-Mobile's iPhone Upgrade program, all postpaid customers who purchase any iPhone on EIP will automatically be included in T-Mobile's iPhone Upgrade Program and be eligible to upgrade to a new device once 50% of the original EIP has been paid off.
                            3. Down payment - A down payment may still apply and may be based upon the link you previously provided.
                            4. Yes, you would need to complete your iPhone 7 Plus JOD lease to be eligible for T-Mobile's iPhone Upgrade program.


                            Please let me know if this answers each of your questions and if you have any additional questions!

                    • jarnette

                      i Am in the same boat, I stood in line last Friday to get my order, first line, placed my order, provided AMX, they said the would do a preapprovel for 279.00 and that I would get my IPhone on 11.3.17.  Before I left the store sales rep had me do the presign document. However shipping status still reflects 11/03/17 - 11/10/17.  Started reading issues that everyone was having with notifications shipped, credit cards rejected because of fraud issues. Reach out to AMX, they show an 8.00 charge for cover but nothing for a preapproval for 279.00 that the store had got approval so no issues would happen when it shipped.  Called Tmobile, they said don’t worry we do not do pre-authorizatio.  Its now late Thursday, no movement on order. No charges on credit card,   What I do know sprint started shipping IPhones X yesterday according to the new media.

                    • brittwright

                      So if I currently have an iphone 6s with 2 EIP payments remaining, I am not eligible for the new iphone upgrade program? Am I correct? This only applies for whatever iphone comes out NEXT YEAR?

                      • magenta2643477

                        I have an iPhone 6 that is in good working condition but has a cracked screen. Is it eligible to turn in for the $300 credit?

                        • dr.drlutz

                          Why is it so impossible to get a jump on demand upgrade to the iphone 8 plus?  I have an iphone 7 plus, I have jump on demand, but when I call 611 I can't get this upgrade to work.  3 agents, 3 different stories, none of them probably right.


                          What I think should happen: (1) I should order the new phone I want, (2) I should be given the correct new price, and (3) I should be told how to turn in my old phone.


                          What actually happens, 3 different times:  I get a person who barely speaks english, who doesn't understand jump on demand, and who can't achieve the 3 steps above.  I'm starting to think it would be much easier to pay off my old phone and switch to buying from Apple.

                            • tonymkl

                              Why is there a $25 sim card starter kit charge on the Apple Watch 3 when the sim card is built into the device?


                              what are you providing for the $25?

                              • tmo_chris



                                Sorry to hear you are having trouble upgrading your phone! With JUMP On Demand, you can either initiate the upgrade in a retail store or over the phone by calling 611. When doing a JUMP On demand upgrade (during a pre-order), we will send you the new phone first. Once you receive the new phone, you will need to take your current phone back to a T-Mobile store to return it where it will be examined for things like excess wear. As for the pricing, this will depend on your account as well as the specific model and GB size you choose. If you prefer written correspondence and you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can reach out to our T-Force team using the link in my signature. They will be able to pull up your account and assist you with initiating your JUMP On demand upgrade.




                                The SIM starter kit is a standard charge for all new activation and add-a-lines. Is it not just for the physical SIM card but for things like the authentication to the T-Mobile network and security features like unique to secure SIM transmission like SIM LOCK. hat for a limited time


                                Edit: I wanted to add that for a limited time, if you purchase an Apple watch on EIP and activate one of our DATA with Paired DIGITS plans for it, you will get the service free for first 3 months, the cost will rise to $10 with autopay automatically unless you call 611 to cancel. You will not be charged for a SIM Starter Kit during order processing if you activate the line on our DATA with Paired DIGITS plan. Data with Paired DIGITS will let you duplicate your primary phone number to your watch and it will have its own unlimited Talk/text/data plan for just $10 w/autopay enabled ($15) without autopay.

                                  • mickama2486

                                    tmo-chris you state that the DATA with paired DiGITS plan is the way to go so how come they are not offering that in the stores; pre-ordered in store and even called care and was told that I had to have the addition line with a separate number and could forward my calls to my series 3 watch.  So I was charged for a $26 SIM starter kit (with tax) and have an additional line. what is the correct info

                                • magenta2651537

                                  I have jod and well qualified. If I wanted to use jod and get a 256gb iPhone 8 plus would there be any down payment? I didn't have to pay one with the note 8 the monthly payments are just higher so Im curious seeing this is the last year jod customers that are well qualified don't really have down payments may be my last iPhone. I had to pay 150 last year down payment for the 7+

                                    • tmo_chris

                                      tonymkl - I wanted to correct myself as the edit I made to my previous reply is now a bit outdated. Things change very fast when you have a CEO like John Legere haha. The new Apple Watch can only be activated on the on the Data with Paired DIGITS plan so if you purchased the Apple Watch, we will not charge you for the SIM Starter Kit and you will get the first 3 months of the service free. Also, John Legere just announced that we are bumping up the data speeds with that plan at no additional charge. Originally, the plan included unlimited 3G, but now, we are bumping it to unlimited 4G LTE and keeping the cost the same at $10. Check out John's tweet.


                                      magenta2651537 - I see that you are choosing the "Go Big" option over the "Go Home" option here haha. The 265 GB iPhone 8 Plus on JOD will cost $279.99 down and the monthly payments will be $24.00 for 18 months. At the end of the lease, there will be a residual $238.00 that you must pay to keep the phone or you can return it for another upgrade. These prices do not include the taxes as they will be extra.

                                    • elbereth4

                                      I was looking to get the Apple Watch Series 3 but I noticed that it is already backordered until the end of October/beginning of November (which is a long time). So two questions on that front:


                                      1. Is that really the estimated ship date?

                                      2. Will the watch be offered in store?


                                      Thanks for your help in advance.

                                        • tmo_amanda

                                          elbereth4  and magasiev13, yes these are the actual backorder dates and the dates will generally not be updated to reflect earlier dates. That being said, there's always a possibility that we receive more stock than planned and they get shipped out a few days earlier. Again, we cannot guarantee that. Yes, the watches will be offered in-store but stock may vary. I recommend contacting the store closer to the release date to get info on inventory.



                                          magenta2672561, we'll definitely take your feedback to the proper team. I'm sorry this has been a frustrating situation for you, however, at the time, the Retail associate had no information on the promotion or what devices would be eligible for trade-in. We don't have this type of information available ahead of time and there are chances that the iPhone SE will be included in future promotions.

                                        • magenta2672561

                                          I am wondering why iPhone SE is not included in the list of eligible trade-in devices for the iPhone 8 savings promotion, as it is newer than the included iPhone 6... 


                                          I was convinced by a retail store associate to choose a new SE over a refurbished iPhone 6S, as I was told it was a better bargain only to find out today that even though it is a much newer device of comparable specifications (in excellent condition), I am unable to trade it in and take advantage of the $300 promotion that would have been available if I were trading in an even older device... This is as baffling as it is frustrating, and leaves me with no real incentive to upgrade at this time, which is made even more annoying by the fact that I was up-sold into this situation by your retail employees. 


                                          I urge you to consider including iPhone SE devices in the trade-in scope for this promotion, or at the very least, offer some sort of reasonably appealing option to those of us left out and feeling dissatisfied by this arbitrary and difficult to understand provision preventing our participation in this promotion.


                                          Thank you.



                                          • magasiev13

                                            I also see that the Watch 3 will ship through October 23-November 3rd or something like that... Will these dates change? I feel like I'd want to cancel the Pre-Order and just go buy it at Apple when it is released.

                                            • Can't wait for the iOS 11.x update to fully unlock all the talked-up features.

                                              • crimsonrose

                                                I pre-ordered 2 iPhones, 8 and 8 plus, but only one processed and "shipped" and the other is in limbo and payment was actually declined.  called cust serv first time, re-entered my cc info like the first time, he later confirmed after 2 hours that it went through.  Then, 4 hours later, received a text message and said payment was not processed and declined....  Called cust serv yet again, this time gave a different response (yet).  question....what gives.... Community

                                                • magenta2693068

                                                  I have a few questions:


                                                  I am on a T-Mobile One plan with phones that I own 100% myself.  Do not have any EIP, JOD, or JUMP phones.  I would like to get an iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) now on JOD and jump to an Iphone X in Jan-Mar 2018 timeframe.  My questions:


                                                  1. Based on what I read on this forum, the JOD down payment on the 8+ 64GB would be $0 and monthly payment $33.  is that correct?  What about taxes, paid monthly or up-front?

                                                  2. I would prefer AppleCare Plus on all my devices.  How does that work on JOD?

                                                  3. When I jump to iPhone X in a few months, will there be a charge to "get out of the JOD" on the 8+?  or, I will just pay whatever the down payment/monthly payment is for JOD on the iPhone X. 

                                                  4. Are the JOD payments (down payment/monthly payments) expected to be punitive for some reason for JOD people versus EIP or Apple's Iphone Upgrade Program people?

                                                  4. What happens to AppleCare plus, when I move from the 8+ to the X?


                                                  Thank you.

                                                    • tmo_chris

                                                      crimsonrose – My goodness! That is super strange! I know it has been a few hours since you posted this but have you heard anything back yet? If the card keeps getting declined, you may want to reach out to your financial institution to see if they can see why the charge keeps failing.


                                                      mickama2486 – This offer is definitely available in our retail stores  I want to make sure that you are able to get this promo so please contact our sales team at 1-800-TMobile and let them know that you want the Apple Watch Series 3 promotion that is listed in the internal document 435773. They will be able to pull up all the information they need to help you 


                                                      magenta2693068 – Great questions!

                                                      1: With JOD on this specific phone/size, there is no down payment and no taxes due up front. The monthly payments are $33/month + tax for 18 months. I know you said you would be jumping to the iPhone x when it is available but if you choose to stay with the iPhone 8 + 64 GB, you would have 18 monthly payments at the price above and at the end of the 18 months, you could either turn in the phone or pay the residual $205.99 + tax to keep the phone.


                                                      2: With JOD, we do not require you to have our premium handset protection but it is highly recommended. We include AppleCare services with our monthly handset protection for $15/month. If you want to go directly through Apple for AppleCare+, you may want to check with them to see if the AppleCare+ would be transferrable from the 8+ to the X when you upgrade.


                                                      3: There is no charge to get out of the JOD for the 8+, you would only be responsible for the down payment+ taxes of the iPhone X. The only charges you would incur would be excess wear should the iPhone 8+ be returned in such a condition.


                                                      4: As of right now, we do not have any pricing information for the iPhone X on JOD so I really could not say. I know that the total cost we charge for Apple Devices is the same as what apple charges but I believe that Apple’s upgrade program has a higher monthly payment as they do not require down payments.


                                                      5: See question 2 

                                                    • knocknaq

                                                      How come I can't pre-order online with an @works account? Its says to contact customer service or go in store when I get to the "who is this for" page.

                                                      • magenta2702041



                                                        I currently am enrolled in the regular JUMP program (enrolled when I purchased the iPhone 7 last year), am eligible for an upgrade, and want to upgrade to the iPhone X when it becomes available for pre-order in October. After I perform that upgrade, however, I'm going to be holding off upgrading for quite a while and thus would no longer need JUMP service. My question is, is it possible to use my available JUMP upgrade to upgrade to the new phone, but then remove JUMP from my plan upon getting the iPhone X while continuing to pay it off on an EIP, or would I have to pay the cost of iPhone X upfront if I cancelled JUMP?


                                                        And as a follow up, say there's a delay of over a month in the shipping of the iPhone X, will the extra EIP payment for that month(s) be applied to the new phone or my old one? Since I'm upgrading after having paid off half of my current phone (as advertised by program) it feels unfair that that payment would be used on a device that I would have to turn in even though I intended to turn it in as soon as I had received the new one and would have done so if there wasn't any delay in the shipping due to high demand. 

                                                          • tmo_chris

                                                            Great questions magenta2702041


                                                            For part one of your question, you can totally remove the JUMP feature from your account after doing the JUMP upgrade to the iPhone X. By removing this feature, you would also be removing your premium handset protection which protects your phone from loss, theft, and physical damage. If you want to keep the insurance, we also bundle our handset protection with AppleCare services for $15/month.


                                                            For part two of your question, we will not start billing you EIP installments for the iPhone X until you receive that phone and we will not close the EIP on your iPhone 7 until we receive it back. This will make it a seamless transition as far as EIP payments go as you should not have a month where you would be paying for 2 device EIPs at once. 

                                                              • magenta2702041

                                                                Thank you for the quick reply! So just to clarify: I could remove the JUMP feature (taking away the handset protection, which I'm okay with not having) and continue to pay whatever the EIP monthly amount would be, then?


                                                                Also, would just having the EIP then w/o JUMP allow me to take part in the iPhone Upgrade Program if I decided to change my mind and upgrade down the road? Or would previously having had JUMP and using the JUMP upgrade to get the phone in the first place make me ineligible?

                                                                  • tmo_chris

                                                                    magenta2702041 - Correct, you do not need to have JUMP on your account to have a phone on EIP. You will need to have it on your account to do the upgrade from the 7 to the X though. As for the iPhone upgrade Program, as long as you do not purchase the iPhone X using Jump On Demand, you will be automatically enrolled in the iPhone upgrade program. When you're ready to upgrade, simply ensure your EIP balance is 50% paid off and do it before your two-year window is up.


                                                                    magenta2702765 - For this one, I would recommend that you Contact Us so we can take a look at what is going on with that order. We can check to make sure everything is going smoothly.

                                                              • magenta2702765



                                                                I pre-ordered the iPhone 8 on Sept 15th online using the Upgrade Now link to take advantage of the $300 trade-in for my iPhone 6. I signed up for the EIP and processed my order, and soon after received an email from 't-mobile-ign-your-eip' with confirmation of my signed Equipment Agreement including an order number. Since then, I have received no confirmation of the order, do not see a charge on my credit card, and cannot track the order online or in the app as I get the message "If you placed an order recently, please allow up to 48 hours for our systems...".


                                                                Do I just need to be patient and wait for shipment, or could there an issue with he order?

                                                                  • chrisssaaayyy

                                                                    So apparently the same thing happened to me, not sure about you but i placed my order via the tmobile app.  When i messaged t-mobile they told me they could not find that order number, so it never actually went through.  Which is messed up being that i got a confirmation and signed the EIP form, and the form was showing in my documents on the t-mobile website.  Anyways, i spent my Friday and Saturday trying to see if anyone had the model/color/gb i was looking for and just my luck no one had it in stock in which i had to put in a new order.  Which sucks for us being that i was told that it would take another 10-20 days to receive which does not even seem fair to me.  My best advice is to contact t-mobile to see if your order even went through.

                                                                  • magasiev13

                                                                    I pre-ordered the Apple Watch Series 3. I was told the card that I gave will get charged once the watch ships. Logged in online and the status says it’ll ship out from 23rd of October - 4th of November. I check my bank account today and see the charge on there for the exact amount that my card was used at the time of pre-order. Does that mean that the watch is going to get shipping today? Or I was told something that wasn’t true about the payment processing when it’s ready to get shipped?

                                                                    • magasiev13

                                                                      Looks like the charge cleared today...

                                                                      • mattjb

                                                                        Any word yet on pricing for iPhone X through Jump on Demand? 

                                                                        • magenta2745478

                                                                          I spoke to a Tmobile agent and she said that the JOD down payment for the Iphone X was going to be around the $329.99. Is this true? That seems like a lot.

                                                                          • doyouevengame

                                                                            Cant wait for the X!

                                                                            • saildoc

                                                                              OK, lets say its 12:01am Pacific time on October 27.   I have my finger on the "buy" button on the Apple Web site and the T-Mobile website.   I am a current T-Mobile subscriber with jump on demand.   I am assuming that the iPhone X will be one of those high demand launches where, if you don't get it in the first 38 seconds you might as well wait until next May to get it.    Which site do I have the best chance of snagging the first wave of releases, or is there any difference?

                                                                                • tmo_marissa

                                                                                  Ah, good question saildoc. It seems like this may not be your first iPhone pre-order rodeo.
                                                                                  I wish we knew exactly what volume to expect -- we do anticipate that it will be a popular device, of course, but predicting the future is still a rough ask. Although regular orders and JUMP! upgrades can be performed on MyT-Mobile or the T-Mobile app, JUMP! On Demand orders need to be completed with our Care team, so if you've got a lease you're off the hook for making sure you're using the right site! Just Contact Us and we'll get you squared away.


                                                                                  - Marissa

                                                                                • alex052493

                                                                                  Quick question, Once preorders begin for the new IphoneX will one be required to have a $0 balance on the monthly bill? my phone is paid off already but since i have a family plan i wouldnt know when my family would be paying the monthly bill for text talk and data and it does land around that time.

                                                                                  • shannoc

                                                                                    I have a quick question about a rumor, I have been reading up on the new iPhone X and seen from many sources that there will be a $279 down payment  for the 64gb and $429 for the 256gb?

                                                                                    • stahav777

                                                                                      Apple Watch 3 42 not arriving until JANUARY 2018?!  $)(*&)@


                                                                                      Pre-Ordered Apple Watch with Cellular on 9/30.  At that time, delivery was supposed to be in November.  Checked my account, and now they are delayed to January!!!  Ridiculous.

                                                                                        • tmo_amanda

                                                                                          Hey, stahav777! It sounds like you were looking forward to next month's delivery only to find that it has been pushed out an additional two months. The demand for the Apple Watch 3 Series is super high and T-Mobile only receives so many shipments from Apple at a time. We do our best to anticipate the shipping dates based upon the supply that we receive which is likely why your date has been extended. I'm so sorry about this and if there was a way we could get additional shipments sooner we would definitely be doing that.


                                                                                          Ok it’s October 23rd and preorders for the X go live on the 27th.  Now would be a great time to let people know what it will cost on JOD.  Also why is JOD still restricted to ordering through Customer service or in stores?   Why can’t we use the app?

                                                                                          • theledger

                                                                                            I ordered online the morning of Oct. 27th at 8:12am CDT and it was very easy. I chose the silver 64 GB iPhone X. My estimated ship time is still Nov. 3-Nov. 10. Really hoping that it ships today (Nov. 2) so I can receive it tomorrow but it looks doubtful at this point. I'm only getting a couple hours of battery life now and I really need the ability to use more frequency channels. My daughter's iPhone 7 always seems to have better reception and often she has two bars of LTE when I sometimes only have two bars of 4G on my iPhone 6.


                                                                                            My only wish is that T-mobile could have more domestic roaming agreements. When you spend a couple days in a spot (e.g. Morgantown, WV; Wausau, WI) you burn through 200 MB of allotted data roaming very quickly and then your phone is dead for navigation purposes. So many times I had to stop by a McDonalds or Starbucks to jump on their wi-fi so I could at least get my navigation started. Not cool. $10 for a 10MB roaming pass is very expensive.


                                                                                            Here's to hoping the expansion of T-mobile networks so that this becomes a non-issue in the future.