Charged double for 2 lines + free promo phone cost


    I tried using online chat as well, but they directed me to a phone number that unfortunately has PST hours of operation.


    Basically, I and my significant other signed up for T-mobile $100 for 2 lines plan at a costco kiosk a few months ago.  There was also a promo to recieve a free galaxy s8 with the addition of the 2nd line.  I signed up for the first line and purchased a monthly installment plan for my galaxy s8+.  I was told by the rep to enter my promo code when I go home and that my significant other can come in at any time in my presence to add the second line and receive the deal.  I did just as I was instructed, and we both traveled back to costco to get the 2nd phone. I blindly have been paying T-mobile (putting false trust, I guess) for the past few months with auto pay.  Just recently I realize that...


    1. I'm being charged $75.00 per line, not 50.


    2. The second phone was not free, and I am paying a monthly installment on that.


    Who can fix this?

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