4 unlimited lines for $35 each (2017 May - June) - No One Can Find It


    (Been with t-mobile with 12+ years)


    I switch my plan in June 2017 from a grandfathered plan because:

    "2 AAL's for the Price of 1"  and I quote "That's 4 unlimited lines for $35 each, with taxes and fees included on AutoPay!"


    This is the plan that no one at T-mobile seem to be able to find.


    A day later I added a 5th line and the rep said I qualified for 50% off the 5th line and quoted at $150/month


    My bill has been $180 since I've switch with Autopay.  Each month I've been spending 4+ hours with T-mobile reps to get this resolved.  I've dealt with the "Regional Team of Specialists"  I know at least 4 of them by voice and name.  They all say they cannot find the promotion with in their internal systems.  I've been quite pleasant until today, that's more than 16+ hours spent with customer support.


    At this time I am frustrated and angry.  Please help!!!!


    Link to the plan:  https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-35682


    Link to the new release touting their price:  https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/money-ranks-t-mobile-one-the-best-unlimited-plan-available.htm

    "With T-Mobile ONE, the price advertised is the price you pay every month. No surprises. Right now, T-Mobile customers can get 2 lines for just $100 total or 4 lines for $140 with AutoPay!"


    Caveat: Per slickdeals I should have been quote $160 for 5 lines.  But that's still $20 less than what I've been charged for since June

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