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What's on your watch list?


    As I am sure most of you all have heard, T-Mobile just partnered with Netflix to bring our T-Mobile One customers a free standard 2 screen Netflix subscription per eligible account. Check out the blog here! With all the binge watching that I am sure will ensue after this announcement, I wanted to take the time to share some of the shows I have been watching and see what others have on their lists!


    Netflix is full of little gems and I absolutely love their original series! I also enjoy a good documentary here and there and Netflix never fails! Some of the shows I have been watching are:



    So now that you know what I'm watching, what has everyone else got queued up? Are there any shows that you just can't recommend enough? Post a comment below.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: What's on your watch list?

        I don't know tmo_chris's wife, but I like her style! Stranger Things was probably my favorite recent television series, and I forced everyone (over a certain age) in my family to watch it, and I think they like me more now!

        Right now I'm amped on another Neflix original series, Ozark. I also love to use Netflix to binge older series. I re-watch The West Wing through the miracle that is Netflix probably every year and a half (cue Aaron Sorkin debate), and currently we're re-watching LOST (I am already prepared to be bummed/enraged/confused about the ending again).

        On that note, up next in my queue is Little Evil (because it seems reasonable to stick with Evangeline Lilly for a bit).

        I also use Netflix to get my Great British Baking Show fix.
        Lastly, I am stoked to recommend this amazing documentary series: Abstract: The Art of Design. Netflix told me I would like it. They were right.

        • I'm not eligible (my plan is the 2/$100 with 20% for life ONE Plus promo) but.....just finished my 4th run through The Shield. With SOA for the 3rd time en route.


          Then Twin Peaks: The Return.


          Im more into series binging than movies.


          Im saving $60 a month over the 2/$120 so I won't be greedy with the Netflix.

          • gramps28

            Re: What's on your watch list?

            With being laid up with my broken heels I've been doing a lot of binge watching with shows we had on the DVR or

            Dish on demand.


            Supernatural, Ancient Aliens, Scrubs, Burgers Brew and Q to name a few.


            Also watching American Ripper , Manhunt: The Unabomber and the Guest Book.

            • barcodeable

              Re: What's on your watch list?

              I have the Simple Choice Plan (2 Unlimited Lines + 3 Free lines for $100 Dollars). Im confused because The Netflix Promo says if you have the T-Mobile ONE 2 Lines for $100 that does not qualify for the Netflix promo, and not sure how much i will get charged for migrating to the ONE Plan.


              But anyway I do have a Netflix account already and I don't watch it much, But my kids enjoy watching the LeapFrog movies. It's very educational for them and it helped my kid learn to read on his own when he was 2 by watching this video. Netflix actually had the entire collection of LeapFrog movies years prior but now there are only 3 titles available currently. I have all the DVD's in my home collection but It comes in handy if my kid want to watch LeapFrog on the go when a DVD Player is not accessible.


              I appologize for my run on sentences I guess i need to watch LeapFrog too to improve my writing

              • 916-496-0723

                Re: What's on your watch list?

                Stranger Things definately!


                The Ozarks was damn good

                Parks and Recreation is a staple

                Same with The Office

                Too bad Girl Boss wasn't picked up for a second season.

                • gramps28

                  Re: What's on your watch list?

                  I knew from day one that my plan wouldn't be eligible for Netflix.


                  I worked in retail for 34 years and I've seen about every marketing ploy out there.


                  Now if T-Mobile was making the same money off their customers as Verizon or AT&T then I could understand

                  wanting Netflix but T-Mobile is working on a smaller profit margin as the big 2.

                  • 2015x3

                    Re: What's on your watch list?

                    Wentworth: was MY abs. fave. LOTS of emotions such as anxiety, happiness, sadness, surprising, and shock.

                    Person Of Interest: Anything that has Taraji Henson in it is AMAZING

                    Scandal: POLITICS are BORING but this show has a twist which draws you in. Kerry Washington is in it too

                    • purple102612

                      Re: What's on your watch list?

                      Bloodline ... it's an older Netflix original but if you haven't see it yet it's definitely worth it!

                        • tmo_lauren

                          Re: What's on your watch list?

                          Tiki Havens wrote:


                          Bloodline ... it's an older Netflix original but if you haven't see it yet it's definitely worth it!

                          I just watched Bloodline! It was really good, a little slow to start but I got pretty sucked in.


                          It's definitely pretty hokey, but I have been enjoying Travelers a lot. I don't know many people that have been watching and don't hear it talked about much, so I might be alone on this one. But if you do watch it, let me know so we can talk about it. Travelers | Netflix Official Site


                          Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It's easily digestible and super easy to get through an episode every now and then. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Netflix Official Site


                          The Killing surprised me. Has a female lead that doesn't feel forced or faked, good story, some unexpected stuff, one of my favorite shows on Netflix. The Killing | Netflix Official Site


                          I absolutely deserve to be judged for this one, but I liked Riverdale a lot. It's basically the Archie Comics characters gone teen drama. It's not quality TV and I don't care. D: Riverdale | Netflix


                          The Iron Giant is also on there right now and you should watch it just because. <3

                        • tmo_mike_c

                          Re: What's on your watch list?

                          With so many awesome shows, lists like these are always tough for me to make!


                          How to Get Away with Murder | Netflix -The characters are great. The story just keeps you glued to the screen and man, the cliffhangers have you craving the next episode!


                          Ozark | Netflix Official Site -What can I say? It's real and pretty gritty. Kinda reminds me of Breaking Bad, so if you like that show, you'll like this one too!


                          Ultimate Beastmaster | Netflix Official Site - I feel like I might get some judgement for this but, am I the only one here that wants to play on what's basically a Jungle Gym for adults? (Anyone...?)


                          The Marvel line-up is amazing too. My favorite, of course being Daredevil. It's just a great series you can watch again, and STILL enjoy it.