iPhone 6 (A1586) works with T-Mobile SIM but not Verizon? Why is this?


    My old iPhone 6 (A1586) works with my T-Mobile SIM but not a Verizon SIM. This model was apparently one of their "global" versions and I'm having a hard time figuring out what networks the two versions of the A1586 work with at this point in time. How do I tell if it is the A1586 sold by Sprint or the Unlocked version?


    I'm hoping to sell it soon and I want to advertise it correctly as either locked or unlocked, but it seems weird to call it a "Sprint" phone if it works on T-Mobile... I didn't even know I had this strange model until I researched it today - it was just my dad's hand-me-down from when he was working a lot across the globe.

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