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    I just signed on with a promo prepaid account.  I'm currently using an unlocked phone but I'm interested in getting one of the phones on tmobile's site but with a multiple payment option.  Is this possible or am I only allowed to go with the selection of prepaid phones where you have to pay the amount all up front??  Is the multiple payment or equipment installment plan only for post paid accounts?

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      • Being able to pay off a phone with equipment installment plan is reserved for postpay accounts with good credit. Prepaid accounts must pay for phones in full but do not have to make a selection from prepaid phones. It's just that prepaid phones usually cost a lot less than flagship devices which are usually reserved for postpaid plans with EIP's.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hi, gameguru1360! snn_555 is correct, at this time we are only able to add an equipment installment plan to a postpaid account. Since it's a financing agreement, it requires an SSN and billing information that aren't added to a pay-in-advance account.
          If you're interested in converting your account to postpaid, please let us know if you have any questions about that! What kind of phone were you interested in?


          - Marissa

            • magenta3091739

              I am trying to buy the Revvl as a prepaid customer but the prepaid site is requiring me to purchase a $50 refill card and a sim card and I don't need either. I would like to know why you are forcing people to buy something they don't need. You have the phones for sale for $150 why can't you just sell me the phone. Don't give me the company line that it's a package and that's it, if it's offered for sale for $150 it shouldn't be so hard to purchase it for that price!