How to make cell phone calls in Beijing China


    I joined the T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plan in US. I am going to China for two weeks. If I am in Beijing and want to call my friend’s Chinese Cell phone, do I need to dial 086 (China’s country code) + my friend’s Chinese 11-digit cell phone number? How can my  friend in Beijing call me with her Chinese

    cell phone? Does she need to call the 001 (US country code) + my 8 digit celll phone number? Can someone with the T-Mobile plans (T-Mobile one, T-Mobile 55+) who had traveled to Beijing share their experience?

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      • drnewcomb2

        China's country code is 86, not 086. To call any number on a GSM phone you enter +<CC><AC>XXXXXXXX where CC=Country Code AC=Area Code and the Xs are the local number. In many countries it is common for someone to write his/her number as 0<AC>XXXXXXXX (e.g. 0456789023). This is because most callers would have to prepend a zero to call the number. The only place I know of where a leading zero is can actually be part of the phone number is Italy.


        So, to call a phone in China you might enter +8659122123456 where 86 is the country code, 591 is the area code and 22123456 is the phone number.

        To call a US number while roaming in China, you'd dial the like this: +13108606666 where 1 is the US country code, 310 is the area code in L.A. and 8606666 is the number. This example is the phone number of the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills.

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