Is my below comparison of the old SC and the new TM ONE Correct?


    Have 6 lines that cost $120+about $30 in fees = $150/mo.  None of the lines uses 1/2 of the 2G of fast data

    I think the TM ONE plan would cost $240/mo.    

      However, I saw a post where you can get a $10/mo "kickback/mo." for each line that stays under 2G of data.  That brings cost down to $180.  Then I see you get $5 credit per line for "auto-pay".  $30.  That brings cost down to the $150 we pay now.


      Do I have this all correct - or am I missing something?

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      • I know the ONE for 2 lines is $100 advertised. It is $110 without autopay. So it's a matter of $240 advertised or $240 AFTER autopay.

        • tmo_chris

          As of now, the T-Mobile One Tax Included is $200/month for 6 lines when you have Auto pay enabled. It is $230/month without auto pay. With KickBack you are eligible to receive a $10 bill credit per line that you opted into the Kickback offer with that uses less than 2GB of data. If none of your lines use more than 2GB of data in a month, and you opt-in to the kickback offer for each line through the T-Mobile app, online, or through Care, that would take $10 off each line ($60 total) so your bill would be $140/month taxes included. Again, that is if you have auto pay and you opt-in to kickback for all lines and all lines use less than 2GB in a month.


          Not sure if you like to get your BingeOn with some Netflix action but we just announced Netflix on us where you can get a free 2 screen subscription ($9.99 value) with our T-Mobile One Tax Included plans.

            • miket

              Now 6 months later.

                 No mention of this is made on the main website. However the link you posted still works.   I can not think of any downside in switching.  There was a convoluted statement about taking 2 months to show up on bill. 

                 I assume if I effect the change on the day our billing  starts for the month, the credit for that first month will eventually show up.   


              Unrelated question - How fast is "3G tethering"?  3G speed on the phone?