Cant reach out to the primary account holder


    Me, my roommate and one of my friends were in a family plan. My friend left U.S. since he graduated from grad school and we do not have any contact information of him. The problem is that he is the primary account holder of our family plan and me and my roommate cant change plan without his approval. I tried to call his used number but nobody answer. Also, he did not change or add any other primary account holder before he left. So we are stuck in this 4-line family plan. I just want to change plan from family to individual! I tried to talk to the customer service several times and they told me they cant do anything without PIN of primary account holder. Now me and roommate have to pay 4-line bill instead of 2 individual bill. What should I do to change the plan?

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      • barcodeable

        It's terrible that you are in this situation. Are you able to just open up your own account under your own name? You may have to sever ties with your current phone number, but at least you will have control over over your own account without needing another person's permission to make changes.


        That's what I would do. I hate relying on unreliable people.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Ouch, magenta2539885, this is such a bummer to read. Without the Billing Responsible Party releasing the lines, there isn't a legal course of action for moving your lines to an account in your name so that you can make the changes you need; whether to plans or services or by removing the other two unused lines. I am sure that over the time you've been in school you've gotten used to your current phone number, but if there's not a way to reach your friend then I am inclined to agree with barcodeable that letting go of the number itself and starting your own account with your roommate may truly be what's best. What a shame! I'm so sorry that this person went incognito!


          - Marissa